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5:02 AM on 10.23.2012

hi, i just made an account on here in the hopes that jim stirling thinks of my username before he orgasms. i've been following dtoid for about 2 years now. this should be fun.

Okay, bit more info, i love podtoid, i've been listening to it since the episode about the guy who wanted to have sex with jarjar. i used to watch the dtoid show, but have fallen behind a bit, (don't much care for the other hosts of rev 3 *personal opinion*.
jim stirling makes me feel good about myself ( i secretly love him) , max scoville gives me a man boner, john holmes kinda creeps me out, in a good way. the robot logo is awesome, Dale makes me insanely jealous, both beautiful and a genius. As for conrad, moustache, moustache MOUSTACHE!!!

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