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Colette posted a story about some Chocobo Tales Keychains on Ebay about a week ago. Absolutely enamored with the Black/White Mage one I took a chance on it. I figured at 10$ I can't go wrong even if I don't get the black mage.


Today they arrived in the mail. and was greeted by not two boxes with random keychains in them but THREE boxes with keychains in them. And one of those boxes gave me double the keychains!! and a Cait sith pin!


Now if you'll excuse me I think I'm going to see if that seller is still selling more keychains.
not that I don't like the chains, I like the translucent Chocobo and the Slime is a part of my keychain now. but FUUUUUUCK those mages are damn EPIC!!
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I'll throw the formalities to the side because you all know who the man is and why you're going to read this interview.

1up has a nice lengthy (10 pages) interview with the man we all know and love.


now if you'll excuse me I'm going to read it too :)

12:31 PM on 01.27.2008

After hearing Dyson and his visits to that retro graveyard called Goodwill. I decided pay a visit to a goodwill I discovered nestled away close to where I work on my way home yesterday

And while I might not have made out like a bandit. I did find 2 old games

kinda happy about Myst, believe it or not i've never played the game before. hopefully it runs on vista, i don't see why not. they also had a brand new copy of MBL2K7 for the 360 but I passed on it

I just wanted to show that its not just Dysons goodwill. If you have one close to anywhere within driving distance you owe it to yourself to check it out. and dont be ashamed to dig through piles of used crap CD's honestly, inspect each and every one. thats probably the best advice I can give you. good luck D'toiders.

Edit: doing a search online I found two more goodwills within a 10 minute drive. looks like i might have to pay each of them a visit before the sun sets

Seeing as how my 360 just went on a 3 month vacation to Texas I sadly wont be picking this title up at day one. and because i don't want to spoil the experience for myself I forbade myself from reading the whole review. So I skipped the meat and potato's and went right for the last 3 paragraphs DESSERT!!



I knew this day would come,

as soon as that launch unit guaranty ran out...that ended after 2 years right?

sigh, I'm so upset by this, I really am. one would think that a functioning 360 for 2 years I have no right to complain compared to what all of you have gone through with your 360's but to hell with that, consoles should never break period. No system, as far back as my Atari 2600. has ever "broke" I left my PSone on accidentally 2 days strait and it broke but that was my own stupidity. i understand these things happen. but this is a first for me so I really want to lash out, Perhaps tomorrow after work I'll try the towel trick or whatever other methods the internet has conjured up. thank goodness it's late i can go to sleep and not have to worry about this until tomorrow afternoon

Wow, just wow. As if the hype weren't already at a fever pitch. J.J. Abrams made a Cloverfield prequel quietly while we salivated over it's predecessor.

Job well done all around, on the greatest viral marketing campaign ever made for a motion picture