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I posted the other day about plans to go ahead with a gaming Tat (my first gaming-related one), and of course the request to post the finished tat was made. So here I am fulfilling that request, I've wanted to get this done for a long time, but for no reason , never got it done, until now. Jesus I can't stop staring at it. for any gamer out there contemplating a gaming tat, FUCKING GET ONE!! I feel like the greatest gamer in the world lol, nothing shows your dedication to your hobby more than professing your love for your favorite game by having it branded into your body for the rest of your life,

God I can't stop staring at it

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Friday I'm going in for a tat, it would be my first gaming-related Tattoo.

I've pretty much got my heart set on the magitek Armor portion of the logo without the red stripe. it would be all black. I want to pay homage to my favorite game of all time and this specific image is the only thing FFVI related that does not scream NERD. its something only a gamer would recognize, and to the casual person it would simply look like a pretty cool tat. I plan on getting it done on my forearm/shoulderblade. though I think the forearm would be better place for it. another Idea was for a Amano picture of Celes on the back of my shoulder blade

Feel free to post your thoughts on the idea, I don't mind negativity if you honestly dislike the tattoo say so. I'm even open to suggestions on a Tattoo. just don't suggest a badge of virginity like a 1-up mushroom or an NES controller. I want something that does not scream GAMER DORK, it has to be something ONLY a gamer could recognize and simply look pretty cool to the untrained eye (think the Okami Tattoos)
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Just got back from the NY Comic-con, . And as expected I had a blast. Played a little Warhammer Online (It's WoW clone to be honest, not that theres anything wrong with that). and watched other people play Metal Gear Online (WANT)

although I came home with more shit than I thought possible. What I really went for was figurines. Or rather a "Certain" set of figurines. I think by looking at the photo below you know what I had my eyes set on the moment I set foot in the building lol

Oh and an apology to whichever one of you females went to the con dressed as Matt. I'm afraid I might have impregnated you when you weren't looking.

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3:12 PM on 03.27.2008

In advance I would like to say I'm terribly sorry for the kicked pets, gouged eyes, shattered monitors and destroyed lives caused by the following video

5:22 PM on 03.26.2008

Well, at least it is for me. I tend to check it's marketplace every few weeks or so. Logging on today I noticed the following

Xbox originals : Puyopop fever and MAGATAMA

I'm sure everyone is aware of what Puyopop is, but for those of you who have no clue about MAGATAMA (yes, it has to be in caps) from what I dug up it's seems like some kind of Action RPG. If I ever feel like wasting 15$ I'll give it a shot looks half decent.

Both games are accompanied by FREE Gamerpics and themes.

There also looks to be a video up of a new DBZ game called "DBZ Burst Limit" I enjoyed the lil nod to OVER NINETHOUSAND they threw into the OP montage. aside from that MEH ANOTHER FIGHTER.

Also a video for Tales of Vesperia, which i promptly downloaded and FUUUUUUUCK it's beautiful

And last but not least a DEMO for Raiden fighter aces a next gen revival of the classic SHMUP it clocks in at 191MB and im 37%

also a bunch of DLC for Idolmaster, but its not like we can use it anyhows.

after looking at these scans I am officially calling the series PERSONUGH!!!

I enjoyed the first game. and chances are very high that I'll buy Fes also

So why do I feel so underwhelmed by these screenshots? and it's not even the fact that it's being released on a last gen console, which in itself is upsetting.

For whatever reason I cant bring myself to care. perhaps because i just finished playing the game and I really don't want to play the same exact thing again, so soon, and it really does look like the same game with a fresh coat of paint

Hopefully when details emerge I could start to look forward to this....but Jesus why PS2 Atlus WTF? that in itself is a travesty, image how beautiful this game could look with a Next-Gen facelift

Shit, this post is making me late for work, have a nice day D'toid

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