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Raiku's blog

5:22 PM on 08.24.2009

Bad game company businessman, no going on the rug!

I don't know about you, but gaming companies' business is getting under my skin. I know they're supposed to be a business, but part of a business is supposed to be satisfying their customers. And practically, throughout my whole gaming life, ive had to deal with the following:

Rarity of games: Making it so that only people who preorder said games can get them is a kick in the sack to those who were either too young to be able to preorder a game(earthbound and MMX3 to me) or only learned about it through word of mouth after its release(disgaea for my friends). Plus, this encourages pirating of games. It makes the consumer think, "I can't get a hold of this game by legal standards, so I'll have to get it illegially." and piracy is not something companies should be encouraging.
Biggest offenders: Atlus(before persona 3), Squeenix(before FF7),NISA(the store helps prevent this though).

Refusing to release sequels over the pond(AKA english speakers): this is sort of a "spiritual sequel" to the above, as I've seen so many times, ive seen where companies say theyll refuse to bring sequels to the US or UK because games such as the above "didn't sell well". well, guess what? It didn't sell well because you didnt supply the consumer enough and/or didnt advertise You start losing fans
Biggest Offenders: Ninten with anything not mario, zelda or kirby, namco with the tales of series capcom with Ace Attorney.

milking the same game over and over again: pretty much explains it all. the only exception is if the game is old and/or rare or in the case of FF6 they were pressed for time
biggest offenders: atlus with persona, NISA with disgaea 1, capcom with mega man, activision with call of duty, EA with sports

random offenders: NISA with ar tornelico 2's bug- refusing to admit it/apologize.
gamestop with resfusing to give demand to pre-order bonuses. i even have a problem with online preorders, stuff like DLC codes, artbooks, rare stylus' and cool looking UMD holders grinds my gears.

hope you enjoyed this.   read

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