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Raien Swiftwood avatar 12:31 AM on 06.10.2010  (server time)
More Rock Band stuffs~

If you can't tell, I like music games.

Rock Band in particular. But tonight? My love has become unending. KEYBOARDS ARE GO. 25-key Keyboards. The interface is beautiful. The new graphics for RB3 are beautiful. THE FACT IT ALSO WILL HAVE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY AND I DON'T HAVE TO BECOME A HERETIC TO PLAY IT (GH6)... Thank you Harmonix. You are listening to the fans.

Now, please. PLEASE: Some good Symphonic Metal. I'll just name two bands I like.

~Sonata Arctica. I want Full Moon. That song... the dueling Keyboard/Guitar solo? SOLD.

~Nightwish. This is a horrible longshot. With the new band lineup; it's very unlikely. But once again I can pray.

Since i'm writing a wishlist; fuck it! MORE WISHING! More Children of Bodom would make this metal-head so happy. Because let's face it. The epic battles Alexi has on tour with Janne during the intermissions? They're AMAZING. But Janne can play the fuck out of the keyboard. I point you to old CoB (Especially with the addition of these 'Pro' modes, I can only imagine...) :

I could probably go on for days about bands I would love to see in the Rock Band universe (Without them being done on RBN; because yes, RBN has opened up doors, but fan charting is no where near the level of Harmonix; aside from maybe 2 studios).

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