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10:03 AM on 09.06.2008

Rainbow Six 2 is a rip-off >:( !!!!!! (WHAT?!)

Ok lets get this straight RSV2 is a RIP-OFF!!!!!!! As sad as i am to say that, its only true that
RSV2 is an ADD-ON. There is no way it is RSV2. All they did was: add a few new online modes
and maps, the story has hardly changed at all except for the fact that the people have new
names and there are new missions and cut scenes.Oh yea there are also a few new guns
grenades and other things that can be added to your inventory.

All it is is an add-on if you don`t understand me then just compare the two games and see
how alike/not alike they are, I bet your just gonna get the same answer I got. That should be
enough to prove my point but in case you did not understand...

RSV2 IS AN ADD-ON >:O!!!!!!!!!

[color=darkred][/color]   read

3:04 PM on 08.02.2008

The E-E-V-L Game Person Reviews: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion`s Expansion Pack:The Shivering Isles

AM TEN JUST LETTING YOU KNOW ) SCREW OFF! If your not going to do any of the above
then welcome. Iv`e recently had a lot off people who hate me because i cant spell right or the
fact that i`m a kid but thats not what you came here to read you came to read the review so
go ahead.

I`m going to start with the whole 1 hour 30 minute gatekeeper quest while it was neat and
needed in the story of the Shivering Isles it took a while to finish and took away from the time
that you could be spending playing the game. Second are the monsters, i thought they were
cool (my favorite was the skinned hound that you can get as a sidekick later on in the game)
but if there were more then that would have been sweet. The Shivering Isles world was
smaller than i hoped but it was still pretty big. The jail system there was sweet what it dose is
takes away all of your stuff and if you can find your way out of jail and kill the monsters you
get your stuff back (plus whatever you get from the monsters and guard) so it is one of the
best things about the Shivering Isles i think but there`s all sorts off stuff that you could like.

This was another game review by DADADAADADAA WHO READS THAT STUPID THING
ANYWAY   read

11:21 AM on 08.02.2008

Little Big Planet here get ready to make sweet levels heres how #3

If you haven`t read the other articles then do so and then come back to this one.

Hi and welcome back. As said in my last article some stuff may seem the same but i have
made changes.

#1: Draw/take a picture of your favorite game character/characters, make a
hole/glass window over the face, put it on a wall that you can get behind,make your
sackboy/sackgirl look through the hole/glass window, and make a face thats it.

#2: Get 4 pictures of the flag of iceland and put them in a square, and play tic-tac-toe
with your friends.

#3: Take/make a picture of Mario doing something funny and saying/thinking
something funny, and put it under water.   read

9:55 AM on 08.02.2008

The new Nightmare in SoulCalibur IV is sweet+ Home Bata for japan is taking forever to download

I recently saw the new Nightmare (he is really slow i hope they can fix that) in a video for
SoulCalibur IV and he looks sweet! The Character Creation is also looking better (i saw that
you can now put in weapons from the actual characters!). What i`m really looking forward to
is the new characters they look sweet (i hope there are more weapon classes cause iv`e
pretty much mastered all the classes).I want a better chronicles of the sword the last one was
sweet but it took a long time to load a battle with 1 guy and this was not online so i just hope
for a better chronicles of the sword.A Home Bata came out a few days ago in japan so i got it
but then i realized that i could not understand a single word aroud me but it looked pretty fun
and i`m hoping that we will get one here some time around next month.   read

9:21 PM on 08.01.2008

The E-E-V-L Game Person Reviws Elder Scrolls IV Oblivon s

Another game reviw by E-E-V-L !!! >;) today i`m reviwing Oblivion wich is kind of hard to
reviw because its a sandbox game but i`m gona do my best. I`ll start off with game play it is
a great open world thing but say for instance you come across a bandit and kill him next to a
rock then 45% of the time his head will fall into the rock wich me and my friend ignor and
most of the time don`t even notice (if you haven`t played it yet you should try it out it is a
awsome game ). The graphics are not the best but they can be ignored because it will take 35
minutes to run from one end of the map to another so the games pretty big . The fighting is
not all super fight style but its pretty good (also if you want to try out this game i`m telling
you now that its mideval but fallout wich is like the next in the series is not ). There are like 11
stories in it but i wont reviw them so you can find out what happens.

this is the one the only




Lama!   read

5:29 PM on 08.01.2008

The E-E-V-L Game Person Reviws Clive Barkers Jerico

( if you were wondering what E-E-V-L stands for look at the bottom of the screen )
I`m going to reviw Clive Barkers Jerico today and i wold like to start off saying that the
random button mashing was a total disaster after i realized i had spent more than 2 hours
doing it total. Secondly i`d like to point out that while changing from member to member of
your squad was cool it was also confusing to me because it never really explains why you can
do that. Third the powers and weapons of each person were neat but its like your changing
your controlers layout each time you swich from person to person. Now the fighting was
exelent but more monsters would be great. The story made barely any sence to me be cause
i thought that at the start it said that it took place in the real world but there is magic and
zombies things everywhere so what`s going on?

This is only of the begin of game reviws by the one the only




or for short E-E-V-L   read

3:57 PM on 08.01.2008

My opinion on the new Mario games V.S the old Mario games

now i`m gona make this as simple as i can so i don`t cause a lot of fuss, the Mario games are
getting worse. i know it sounds stupid but i think that the first Mario games are better then the
new ones, i don`t care about the graphics yea a better looking arcade Mario wold be sweet, i
would like more of the arcade type Mario games for consoles like PS3,Gamecube,XBOX and
XBOX 360. I want 2-D Mario games that have PS3 style graphics!   read

12:22 PM on 08.01.2008

LITTLE BIG PLANET is taking 4 ever + HOME is not a socail net work i have 3 vids that say otherwise.

I have waited 2 years for Little Big Planet so i`m starting to lose intrest if i cant get it before
fall is over i`m probably not going to buy cause iv`e waited for a long time, since the first
video so if i don`t get it soon i`m not gona get it. What about you??

Home is not a socail network i have about 7 videos that say its made to be a socail network so
if its not a socail network what is it?? I was actualy looking forward to it being a socail
network, dose any one know when its coming out anyway??   read

10:24 AM on 08.01.2008

Little Big Planet is coming get ready to make sweet levels heres how #2

hello again and welcome back. some of these may seem like the same thing but i have made
changes to make them better. i will be doing this all week (until i get to seven) don`t miss it .
if you any questions or ideas just go to my blog and leave a message i don`t have any thing
on there besides my PSN info so i`m just letting you know. i will be on mostly at night.
(hello if you haven`t read the first article then i strongly suggest you do if your not smart
enough to find out what the tittle is listen its this same title without the #2)

#1: take a picture of you favorite board games (i`d put candy land etc.) and put the
picture on the floor and play the game with you friends :)

#2: draw some strange thing like godzilla eating a cheseburger with your favorite
game character about to kill godzila and put the picture on the walls. >:)<(LOL)

#3: use the japaniese flag as a chinesse checker board. :)

read tomrrows article Little Big Planet get ready to make sweet levels heres how #3   read

12:03 AM on 08.01.2008

Little Big Planet is coming get ready to make sweet levels heres how

want to find out how to make sweet levels so you can get more space? if so then here are
some suggestions on how to make your level look amazing and be fun for all most any one

#1:go through some of your old comic books (if you don`t have any you may be able to
find some at grage sales or on EBAY) then take pictures of fight moments and put random
pictures over the charcters like a cat VS dog thing.

#2: take pictures of movies and ruin the front cover by putting the dtoid robot shooting
lazers out of its eyes and killing the main person/persons and ruining evrything ( LOL ).*

#3: take a picture of the amrican flag and make it a checker borad use sponges with
wheels on the bottom for pecies. :p

#4: make a slide show with your sackboy/sackgirl and make a little movie theartaer
where you can wach that.

thats all for now read tomorows article, Little Big Planet is coming get ready to make sweet
levels for more space #2   read

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