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RaiZe avatar 3:41 AM on 09.12.2009  (server time)
Scribblenauts: The List

My first CBlog post, but goddamn if it's not a good one. Scribblenauts isn't even out yet but a few people have been able to acquire copies of the game in ways that I won't get into here (no sucky suck 5 dolla). It's a rather large game, especially for the DS. The sheer number of things you can summon and build is mind-blowing. Refer to the infamous NeoGAF forum post here. YES, YOU CAN EVEN SUMMON A PICTURE OF MAXWELL RIDING A DINOSAUR STOMPING ROBOT ZOMBIES IN THE GAME (read the article if you don't get it you lazy bitch).

Anyway yeah, the game isn't even out yet but I've acquired a full list of items in the game. It's huge. 22,804 items huge. It's even got a ton of famous internet memes in there such as Longcat, Rick Astley, Philosoraptor, and countless others. EVERYTHING IS IN THIS GAME. It's absolutely spectacular. I'm not going to read through it all until I'm 100% done with the game, including the advanced challenges because I don't want to ruin a game that challenges my imagination. For those who don't care about all that garbage, who don't believe me when I say there's almost 23,000 in this game, or who just want to skim through it real fast here's the linkage. Take a deep breath.


Here's a list of my favorite's so far, most of which are internet memes that I'm just surprised they put in there. Don't scroll down, spoilers await you.

- Longcat
- Tacgnol
- Loituma Girl
- Ceiling Cat
- Keyboard Cat
- Monorail Cat
- Do not want
- Orly
- Leeroy Jenkins
- Spaghetti Cat
- Lolwut
- Philosoraptor
- Post one two seven
- LHC (also, Science)
- Over Nine Thousand
- Throwing silver at a werewolf
- Throwing onions at a vampire, or chasing a vampire with a cross
- Dropping a mirror infront of Medusa

Seriously, this game is mind-blowing. Go buy it on the 15th, because I sure as hell am.

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