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RaiRed's blog

2:58 PM on 02.22.2008

Free Games for your Weekend

The weekend is finally here once again and I'm sure you're all looking for some games to spend your hard earned/stolen cash on. However, some would say the best things in life are free so I've compiled a list of games that won't cost you a penny. That way I can rest well at night knowing you've all still had something to play after blowing all your money on cheap hookers and/or gigolos.

Psychonauts (PC) Gamerankings Wiki
Via: GameTap

I'm sure most of you know this game, but have you all played it? In this Adventure/Platform game you take control of Raz, a boy who's snuck his way into a psychic training camp with the desires of becoming a Psychonaut. While the story unfolds he gains new psychic powers to help him battle the evils of the mind.

This game is available absolutely free via GameTap right now, no need to register, just download the software and login as a guest.

Also on GameTap: Commandos 3, Second Sight, Tomb Raider Legend

Average Gamerankings score: 89.6%

Beneath a Steel Sky (PC) Wiki
Via: scummVM
Check near the bottom of their download section.

The 1990s had one thing I wish we still had, and thatís a lot of quality Point and Click Adventure games. The genre slowed down, but there are still few being made today that are worth your time. (See Sam & Max) Iíve never played through this game myself, but I know itís considered one of the classics of the point-and-click era. Check the wiki if you want more details.

Without Warning (PC/Freeware) Wiki
Via: Hikware

This is an interesting freeware shmup which features only level after level of basically the same enemy. The gimmick here however is that the enemy progressively evolves after every level depending on how you defeat him. For example, if your strategy it to attack from the rear the boss will increase defenses and weaponry on its rear side. Thereís more information on this within the wikipedia page.

Thereís a few other shmups created by Hikware here, most of them in Japanese, but thereís not much that needs translated anyway. Not sure if these or Hikware have ever been mentioned on RetroForceGo, but they probably have.

If you know of all these then good for you, these are my own suggestion and have been available for some time. I did intend to make the list bigger, but I decided to shorten it first so I could test the waters, so to speak.   read

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