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Rafael Arbulu avatar 5:54 PM on 10.17.2008  (server time)
Why (I don't think) Metal Gear 4 will hit the Xbox 360 do I put this? I constantly read about rumors going like "Metal Gear Solid 4 hitting Xbox 360 real soon", usually said by people who doesn't know jack about gaming (don't you dare to go bitchin' me about that! I just think that way, OK??).
Well...I don't believe, nor like, exclusives (the idea of buying a console only because such game is there, and only there, is just plain unfair, but once again, that's just me). But I have to say: if MGS 4 is to be released on Microsoft's machine...that'll probably happen in...about 5-7 years from now. You know how Xbox Originals work, right? I believe MGS 4 would go down the same path in the future...
Of course, Sony's gotta be paying a huge chunk of Drebin Points to keep Snake inside their black box, but money never held a game forever (unless that's a Mario game, but that may be going too far in this case). I just don't see it fitting the Xbox 360: it's waaay big, and by that, Big M's only got 2 choices: either compress the game to death (and kill its awesome quality) or leave it unpacked and distribute it in...hmmm...three dual layer DVD discs?
Judging by the time MGS 4's been out there, I think it's safe to say that a ***tload of gamers have already finished the game. Unless you're some hardcore freak (like me), what's the point on seeing Microsoft turning Snake's iPod into a Zune, or changing Otacon's MacBook into something generic, label-less?
What? Do you think Microsoft would allow those to stay? Sorry, no can do. I work directly with them: trust me, the wouldn't dare.

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