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Rafael Arbulu avatar 8:23 PM on 11.07.2008  (server time)
They're not toys, goddamit!

After quite along time without posting (sorry, boys and girls, I've been working too much, and my sleeping time hasbeen reduced to pretty much nothing), I make a not so great comeback, irritated for something that happened today.
You know that Brazil has the potencial to be one of the greatest gaming markets in the world, but for a lot of reasons, make piracy the biggest, publishers and developers don't give us a second look, right? Because of that, instead of having new releases' advertising on EGM Brazil and everything else, we got retailers advertising.
Naturally, it's part of the job to socialize with people when a new retailer opens. I'm not complaining about it...I actually like those parts:it's called networking...the world turns around for you because of your contacts, so you better have lots of them, right?
Where was I? Oh yeah...moving right inside the shop, I go through the door and hear something that really tends to make me angry: the yelling lady on the mic started shouting the new titles that the store just received and opened to sale. It was something like this...

"And here we have PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, the most sold-out TOY IN THE WHOOOOLE WORLD!"

Wait a minute...did you just say "Toy"? Did you went all emphasys-like on that word? THEY'RE NOT TOYS, DUMBASS! They're electronic entertainment stations, which is faaaar more different than "toy". A toy is a Barbie doll, a Hello Kitty thingy, a brand new G.I.Joe figure...that, my dear, is a toy. But a Wii? A PS3? Hell no! Maybe it's because of this state of mind, this thought of "it's just a child 6-year-old kiddie would play this for a few hours and get tired of it" that makes gaming culture so tough to endure here in Brazil. Politicians, attorneys, and even journalists from other areas state that "videogame is a thing for childs", and that pains me, violently.

Sorry to those who disagree, but I'm feeling disrespected: would a "quick time-killer play for childs" have its own place on journalism? Would it make billions a year? Would it research, develop, and use new technology day after day after day? I refuse to think so!

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