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Rafael Arbulu avatar 9:03 PM on 07.27.2009  (server time)
KoF XII coming to Brazil (overpriced)!

Well, well, it`s been a while since my last post...wish I had happy news or funny stuff to talk about today, though...

Just got an e-mail - press release, actually - from NC Games, one of two major videogame distributors acting in Brazil. There, the company tells me "they're gonna brin King of Fighters XII EXCLUSIVELY to brazilian gaming market"...for R$ 299.00.

Wait, what? R$ 299.00? That's a staggering US$150.00 pricetag, using a quick, non-accurate conversion! Are you kidding me? I mean...people call me crazy for expending big chunks of money on my gaming addiction, but I that much of a nutjob?

Also, another funny fact: Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 are both titles that were "EXCLUSIVELY bought" to Brazil by NC Games, even though the first copies of both hit the shelves with a Synergex Brasil logo - their only rival, and a brazilian branch of David Aielo`s Synergex Corp. Strange, huh?

And I thought I was having it hard only on the journalism field...

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