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Radio Destructoid avatar 5:53 AM on 02.27.2014  (server time)
Radio Destructoid 031 - Bad Secret Santa

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 031 - Bad Secret Santa!  In this episode: Aaron blursts all over Minotaur China Shop, Kyle has no idea how to MMO, Conor tells us about his days spent as a galley slave, and guest host Darren AKA Dexter345 freaking loves space. We also talk about how everyone's out of fucks for Layton, our favorite things to murder in video games, stupid IAPs in games, secondhand cock rings, our spirit animals, and why you should be playing Werewolf.  Plus a new Masterspam Theatre from Joanna and some bonus Conor stories after the closing song!

Break song: "Help" from the Zombies soundtrack by bignic


Music by Adam AcH ( / SoundCloud)


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