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Radio Destructoid avatar 3:55 PM on 08.08.2014  (server time)
Radio D 043 - Live blogs from the Apocalypse

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 043 - Live blogs from the Apocalypse! In this technically difficult episode: Aaron saves time on editing, Conor commits bioterrorism at Taco Bell, Kyle doesn't regret The Last of Us, and Joanna returns to delight us with more Masterspam Theatre! We also discuss the toxic space algae and cat shit parasite conspiracy, Juggalos, furries, and otherkin (oh my!), the Southwest NARP, forums badges, community podcasts, cannibalism, potty emergencies, and HD remakes we'd like to see, Sadly part of this recording was mysteriously lost. You know who to blame and how they should be punished. Congrats to Jermain Jackson for asking our favorite listener question this week, he wins a copy of Rogue Legacy!

Break song: Don't Starve: Insanity!


Music by Adam AcH ( / SoundCloud)
American Juggalo by Sean Dunne
(Unfortunately we lost the part of the recording where we discussed these cblogs, but they're still pretty cool and you should check them out!)

School trips to game worlds: where you go by RedHeadPeak
Video Game Inspired Thoughts: Sex, Violence & Critical Thinking by Trufflez
Whippersnappers and gaming, or why you should be invovled as a parent by Britany Vincent
Frame rates: big deal or a thing to wave in other's faces? by Derek Pietras
EA rly? Access by TheKodu
Should anyone buy anything on day one anymore? by Kenneth Cummings
PStoid Episode 1 by PStoid
"Adventure Game" Thread by pk fire
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August 29th to September 1: PAX Prime 2014 by Mr Andy Dixon
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