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Radio Destructoid avatar 3:43 AM on 06.27.2014  (server time)
Radio D 040 - Drug-Laced Pacifiers

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 040 - Drug-Laced Pacifiers! In this episode: Aaron succumbs to Nintendo, Kyle freaks out over Captain Toad, Conor is a magical creature only Mxy can hear, and guest host Zach aka pk fire is not a 12-year-old kid. We also discuss cell shading, crippled PC ports, gaming obsessions, our favorite games from e3, Phil Fish tweeting things, weird games, visual novels, and infinite David Bowies. Congrats to Robert Cisneros for asking the most thought-provoking listener question this episode, he wins a copy of World End Economica! Last chance to send in submissions for our new show logo!

Break song: That Person's Name Is - Bravely Default OST [Asterisk Boss Battle Theme] by Revo


Music by Adam AcH ( / SoundCloud)
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