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Radio Destructoid avatar 3:10 PM on 06.13.2014  (server time)
Radio D 039 - Kenny Loggins's Purple Fox Lazer Nipples

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 039 - Kenny Loggins's Purple Fox Lazer Nipples! In this episode: Aaron's son learns to read new words, Kyle beers his computer, returning guest Neal aka djnealb aka Dej’o Neba’tan tells us about the Southwest NARP he's hosting in July, and first time guest host Grant aka Everyday Legend can't stop Gundaming. We also discuss dream weddings, games we wished we had played, the decline of couch gaming, what we're looking forward to at last week's e3, The Last Guardian being cancelled then not cancelled, Dtoid needs a new PAX, camping for wussies, sexy pokemans, and shit journals. Congrats to Jack Shadow for asking the most thought-provoking listener question this episode, she wins a copy of Groove City! And there's still time to send in submissions for our new show logo!

Break song: Forcefield Lifts Over Neon City by Daikaiju


Music by Adam AcH ( / SoundCloud)


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