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Radio Destructoid avatar 4:45 AM on 04.04.2014  (server time)
Radio D 034 -

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 034 -! In this Native American-themed episode: Aaron sticks it to Verizon, Kyle has been luftrausing, Conor has a new homepage at, and guest host JackShadow shares her favorite Forums and PAX adventures! We also discuss Jack's upcoming radio show, Minecraft obsessions, Prison Architecting, FIRE BAD, impersonating a technowizard, creepy white people, upcoming NARPS, twitter activism, slow versus fast zombies, and Facebook buying Occulus Rift.

Break song: "Dr. Peace: The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish" by Masatoshi Moriwaki and Goichi Suda


Music by Adam AcH ( / SoundCloud)


Jack's radio show premieres April 10th! Listen Thursdays from 6:00-7:00 pm Pacific
Dear Indian Country by Melissa Bennett
I have a good feeling about the documentary series Super Game Jam by Jordan Devore
Community Assignment:
The Past
The Present
The Future
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Come to our Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved event at PAX East! by Hamza Aziz
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Northeast NARP/PAX East 14 Pre-party by Nanashi
Phoenix Comic-Con '14 by The Defenestrator
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