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RadChiefDude avatar 11:00 PM on 01.11.2013  (server time)
The Struggles of Completion

Hi there, my name is RadChiefDude, and I'm an OCD game completionist. If that's a thing.

I mean, on the surface, this isn't necessarily a bad thing right?


So, we're all struggling to get rid of those hefty backlogs we developed over Christmas/Steam Holiday sale, right? I know I am. I purchased around 15 games, including BIT.TRIP.RUNNER for just over $50, I think (bargain!) and got a Wii U with New Super Mario Bros and Nintendo Land. So here I am, spending my holidays playing these games. And whilst playing BTR, I realised something as I attempted a level for the 100th time. Why am I going to such an effort to get every coin and every upgrade in every ridiculous level? Why am I withering away my precious holiday time away on trying to 100% complete all these games I bought?

On reflection, I realised I have been doing this with nearly all of the games I've bought over the past year. I bought that cheap Borderlands 2 in the sale. Clocked around 10 hours into it, and spent the majority of that time completing every fucking side quest I came across. Normally, I would be okay with this, if it was the only game I was playing at the time. But these days, balancing my social life, my gaming life, and my work life is a tremendous effort. And it doesn't help that I have all these games I want to complete, with the fear of increasing my already dangerous backlog.

This is also reflective of my weird relationship with RPGs. Every now and then, I feel a little adventurous. I feel like playing a good J/RPG. Except when I play it, it's comparable to, I dunno, a wife-beating relationship? The game knows my weaknesses. It beats me, with it's massive playtime requirements, and even bigger selection of optional quests to get me distracted. Most of the time, I get so frustrated that I give up and leave. Maybe I'll spend some time with my other, more sympathetic partners, consisting of platformers and nice, linear, mainstream Nintendo games. But the devious RPG lies in wait, because it knows I'll come crawling back for more.

The current offender these days is Xenoblade Chronicles. With it's incredible internet acclaim, how could I not play it? But I've been finding myself on and off the game for ages now, only now am I starting to find myself in a decent rhythm of playing it before I go to bed every day. Except this relates back to the main problem - I've spent so little time on the everything but the main quest, and at the rate I'm playing, It's going to take aaaaages to finish.

I guess the point of all this is to try and establish some sort of belated New Year's Resolution - to stop spending so much time on my first run through of games. Flog through the main quest first, and then If I liked it, have another, more complete run through. Yeah. Nice.

Well, here's to a 12 day late Happy New Year to you guys.

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