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I like retro and retro inspired games. I also like new games too! What a crazy guy I must be.
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And I can't sleep, and I have to be up at 6:30 for a rehearsal for some gig I didn't even want to play. The songs in the setlist are awful too. So naturally, I'm gonna post a blog. About stuff I've been doing. Cause that's what blogs are for!

About 20 minutes ago, I got back from driving to a friend's house to give him money I owed him. He also gave me two PS2 games; Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy.

I've been planning to write a small journal type blog detailing my recent foray into the MMO DC universe online. Not that I like DC ('cept for Batman), but I can dig super hero MMOs. Guess I'll work more on that.

I just ate some fine toast as well. Wholemeal, and baked fresh this morning from the asian bakery near my apartment. Gotta give those guys credit, they work wonders with dough and water etc etc

I also killed this one cockroach in my kitchen in the process. Motherfuckin' insects, yo.

I also totally destroyed a record player I ordered online the other day. The fact that voltage supplied here compared to America slipped my mind and I plugged it in and pshew. Had to wrap it up and send it back for another due to 'faulty product'. Amazon better damn pay my shipping.

I'm also waiting on my copy of The Silmarillion to arrive. Watching The Hobbit re-sparked my lust for Middle Earth lore, so I bought it for like $5 online. But it was sold out, so I have to wait nearly another 2 weeks. Damn.

I guess that's all

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