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RadChiefDude avatar 7:20 PM on 09.21.2011  (server time)
Exploring Xenoblade

Ok, so admittedly I haven't played through very much of this game, I have been busy with a lot of other things this week, but I did feel it necessary to post a blog on how much I really have enjoyed this game since I have bought it. AND I REALLY HAVE!

To be completely honest, a lot of reaaaaally long games I tend to stop playing about half way through. I never finished FFXIII, for example, but that was probably also 'cause the game was absolute shite. This game, on the other hand, with its nigh unlimited exploration options, unique voice acting and creative weaponry, despite how long it may be (supposedly over 80 hours of gameplay!), I will try my hardest to finish.

A lot of people will complain about the graphics of this game. 'Why the fuck is it in standard definition and why is it on the wii' and all that. To be honest, as much as standard definition games tend to be an eyesore for people nowadays, I think it's actually one of the better looking games period, once you get used to the edgy-ness and blurred faces.

Another great factor of this game, is the fact that essentially everything you see, you can explore, which is the main feature of my article. At first, I was a little tentative, but I first discovered the possibilities walking across a bridge back to the main town. So, usually, take for example in a lot of 3D Final Fantasy games, you can walk across the bridge and marvel at all the surroundings around the bridge, but you are, unfortunately, limited to walking across the bridge. With Xenoblade, however, one can actually jump over the side of the bridge, swim around the lake underneath, find access to secret areas that are usually unseen from the casual bypasser, It's all so huge!

I would talk further into this subject, but i'm limited to my time a home at the moment, so I will probably further expand on this game in the future.

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