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I like retro and retro inspired games. I also like new games too! What a crazy guy I must be.
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How are we all, ladies and gents of C-Blogs? I, for one, am enjoying a splendid night in, as I just finished watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (whew!). I know, I know, I'm unfortunately late to this particular bandwagon, and I'd always had a lingering interest in this anime. Unfortunately, for a while, I could never get past the first few episodes. But, with this vast amount of free time that has opened itself up to me recently, I decided to delve right into the universe on drills inside drills inside drills inside drills. Terrific decision, too, as I find myself in awe of the quality of this anime. It's full of classic overdone Japan stereotypes, but it makes sense this time(power is actually granted by having fighting spirit now!), fused with lovely mechas and some beautifully galactic visuals. Man, if you've been avoiding this show like I had been, please! Your life will benefit from it.

Space King Kittan is easily one of my favourites in this show. 'Dat design, fuarrk, so pretty!

On a vidjagaims related note now, I've have been sadly avoiding delving further into Final Fantasy X. For a good reason, though, I just bought Pokemon X and Wind Waker HD! It wasn't even a choice, really, when 2 of my favourite franchises release in the same month, I've gotta clear some space. Nevertheless, I've no regrets for it.

Pokemon X has definitely lived up to the hype for me, and I've been blazing through it like every other generation beforehand. I really like Gen 5, one of the reasons being that they made the decision to leave out previous generations until the post-game, which was incredible refreshing. It was like I was first getting into Pokemon again, exploring a new region with nothing but new faces. That feeling was really great and all, but I really had a case of, to quote Joni Mitchell, 'you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone', as GameFreak's inclusion of a massive Pokedex into the game blew me away. It was spending that extra time searching the many types of grass (also a neat inclusion!) to find every last Pokemon they managed to stuff into the route that hooked me. 

And now, approaching end-game, I feel great. I usually plan a team before the game's release, but this time I paraded blindly into the abyss, picking up and keeping who I loved, who contributed to the team's strength. Right now, we're sitting anxiously at the entrance to Victory Road with a Greninja, Charizard, Goodra, Scrafty, Magnezone and Aurorus, and they've all put in to get us to this point magnificently. I'm breezing through it pretty fast, which is a good and bad thing really, most likely due to my intense capturing sessions. That was also a pretty cool inclusion, gaining experience on capture of a Pokemon, but kind of made an easy game somewhat easier...

Nonetheless, loving it, and again would recommend on to others. 

And then there's good old Wind Waker. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to explore Hyrule's seas as much as I would like to as of yet, due to Pokemon reasons. But I can safely say that it's great so far. I just beat the Forsaken Fortress, and those god-damned pigs with pole-arms still make me shit 10000 bricks every time they are alerted. It's good to see none of that ol' Nintendo charm rub off with time. Game still looks like a bun out of the oven, even at wise old age of 10, as well.

I'll bring you more of my fun-times extra-hyper heaven-piercing adventures in the future, so thanks for reading!


So, after dragging that last blog post kicking and screaming into the wide world of C-Blogs, I felt incredibly driven to keep pumping out some kind of creative material. And I thought, what better way that to do some kind of list? Lists are fun, but I don't wanna go all Kotaku on you guys, so I've decided to refrain the number of items to 5. 

So from there, I decided I'd incorporate some crazy ideas I've sporadically come up with over the years for potential video games. In no particular order, mind you. Anyway, let's get started. 

5. Kill La Kill
God, I love this series. Although only 4 episodes in, Kill La Kill is one of the most distinctive anime series I have seen in some time. It’s set in what appears to be some kind of post-apocalyptic Japan dominated by the dictator-like student council of the local high school. The school has special uniforms for it’s more prestigious students, that grant them superhuman powers. However, an anarchic (yes, do I do love my freedom fighters) transfer student named Ryuko Matoi, wielding half a giant scissor blade and an insanely powerful version of said uniforms called a Godrobe, sets out to find the one who killed her father and ultimately free the school from it’s tyrannical rulers.
This series rarely takes itself series, which is a refreshing thing to see in a modern anime series. All the episodes so far have featured some kind of ‘boss’ fight with a uniform wielder, the latest depicting a day where the School sets up a series of crazy inhuman traps, in an attempt to forcibly make them late for class, and furthermore expel them. I can definitely see some potential for a damn cool 2D brawler/platformer in the vein of Scott Pilgrim or They Bleed Pixels, with some kind of RPG element as to levelling up your uniform and fighting skills.
Also, this.

Seriously, if you haven't watched this series, get into it. It's really great.

4. Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy
For those who have lived their life in ignorance of Devil Dinosaur up to this point, let me enlighten you.  You may think that Marvel Comics have produced some enjoyable, complex and to an extent, 'badass' characters like the X-Men, Iron Man and such, but none of them are really in the same league as Devil Dinosaur. Devil Dinosaur and his lesser-known-but-equally-amazing partner Moon-Boy, are native to a parallel world called ‘Dinosaur World’, where Dinosaurs co-exist with a primitive form of humans. Devil Dinosaur, himself, is essentially a mutant, as at a young age, he was exposed to a foreign fire element, changing his skin colour from an olive green to a hellish, blazing red, and gave him extraordinary powers. He is also coined as being ‘smarter than the average dinosaur’, and is a product of Marvel’s fantastic 1970s ‘bronze age’.
I don’t know about you, but I can see some serious potential for an amazing video game here, if done right. Devil Dinosaur, and his partner Moon-Boy have some awesome stories to draw upon, in both their own world and in the mainstream Marvel universe. I think a number of genres would make these characters shine, such as again, the Metroidvania style, maybe even a 3rd person action game, heck, I suppose even an RPG would be interesting. It’d be awesome to see this in some dirty, ink-heavy cel-shaded graphics as well, or some neat sprite-based graphics, depending on the genre. Seriously, I think a lot of lesser-known Marvel properties have so much potential in video games, but really, what better way to start than Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy?

3. Django Unchained
Now, I don’t necessarily mean adapting the movie itself into a video game. That would be questionable move to make, at best. But the setting, oh boy, the setting. I can see some insane fast-paced Assassin’s Creed style gameplay, mixed with third-person shooter and bullet hell elements really making this game shine. The exaggerated use of blood that is a common theme in Tarantino films would also make this super-cool as well. And to top it off, the movie’s amazing-yet-slightly-inaccurate old-western setting. Really outstanding ‘cowboy’ games are few and far between these days, but they have been proven to be really quite outstanding at times (see Red Dead Redemption). I’d like to see a game of this type really push this concept into more types of video games.
And god, the potential for multiplayer! I’m really feeling some Anarchy Reigns vibes would fit right in here. Fast paced, bloody, over the top gunplay and vast, desert-y and western environments, really, it just feels right to make this a thing. Some movie references would be neat, too.
'Oh, I'ma go walking in the moonlight with you'
'You wanna hold my hand?'


Alternatively, I have never played Red Dead Redemption, and I could just be listing off elements of the game. But hey, Jamie Foxx shooting up white guys, amirite?

2. A Bonsai Tree growing sim
Alright, hear me out here. So I got one of these things last year for my birthday, and damn, they really require a certain skilful hand to grow them. Unfortunately, my underworked green-thumb and busy schedule led to me neglecting the poor thing. But I’ve always had a lingering interest in these plants. There’s an insane amount of attention to detail required, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Through many different means, you can shape and ultimately grow your bonsai to whatever you want it to look like. Many people accessorise their trees, and put them in large pots, where they create small ponds, parks, and essentially create a really pretty scene. 
For example 

It’s such a special and complex method, it would really translate beautifully in to a video game.

I can see it now. A beautiful, yet calm, serene oriental themed soundtrack playing as you carefully craft your own collection of virtual mini-trees. A careful attention to detail in the soft, illuminated, yet intricate graphics.  Watching over time as your plants grow, and are shaped by your creative thinking. Maybe even showing them at some kind of in game bonsai fashion contest? Regardless, I can see this being a very calming and serene game. Please, someone, make it happen.

1. This here Duck Water Jug and Iguana Hand Puppet
C’mon guys. Tell me you don’t see potential here. Right before your very eyes, you have the next Banjo-Kazooie, mixed with Tokyo Jungle. A tale of two star-crossed lovers meeting in the midst of civil war, Duck and Iguana can, no, will take your breath away. It uses stunning, realistic platforming physics. It has realistic and believable villainy afoot. It could truly be a work of genius and innovation.
Duck and Iguana is love, Duck and Iguana is life.
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Seeing Andy's post, I flew off my chair with inspiration, and rocketed into space. Taking some notes from various interdimensional entities, I calmly re-entered this atmosphere, and decided to make my own contribution to our decidedly quiet community. So! Here's what's been happening in my own life that may or may not involve video games!

To start on a related note, my end-of-year uni exams have finished, which means I've found a large amount of free time to clear out my backlog. Yeah, that demon we all have, and apparently a lot of us are over eager to share their own. Which is great! We all deserve a pat on the back for acknowledging our shared weakness, and actively trying to confront it. Well done, team. 

So about a year ago, I bought a PS2 Slim from a garage sale, for $20 (Nice!), and have been scouring 2nd hand shops and the such for some classics. I managed to rack up a decent number of games, including MGS 3, Dragon Quest 8, Rogue Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts, and a few others. Firstly, though, on my cousin's recommendation (he's quite the JRPG enthusiast), I've been smashing through the bulky, titanic mass of Final Fantasy X. And yes, I am aware it is being re-released in HD, but due to my budget and lack of PS3, I'm more than happy with this version.

This scene ranked among one of the more truly horrifying things I have seen in a video game

This entry was quite a step away from the previous FF games, as I'm sure many of you know, and not just in the graphics department. I'm only about 15-20 hours into it so far, but I'm really enjoying it. One new aspect, however, the voice acting, is questionable. Very questionable. It's truly a wondrous thing to find myself able to endure those painfully staccato, awkward Tidus-Yuna interaction scenes. I suppose that's why I, and many others, preferred the silence of previous entries. We could read and enjoy at our own pace without any discomfort. But it does have some high points... right? I mean, Wakka is entertaining for a while, right? Right???????

The game does excel in many other points, however, such as the deceptively simple Sphere Grid. It's a really streamlined approach to levelling, and the use of key spheres really shake things up. It's quite a satisfying feeling to progress further and further, and watch your skill tree really expand into a beautifully complex pattern. And it's really pleasant, albeit somewhat tiring at times, to watch Yuna summon her Aeons. Admittedly I am only at the point where I have 2 unlocked, but both are equally entertaining and exhilarating. 

The whole island theme up to this point so far is really nice as well, and the use of Sin as a kind of 'natural disaster' is interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game progresses. No spoilers pls!

Back to the header pic, and on an unrelated note, I've been delving into the beautiful world of DC Vertigo this past year. Seriously, those who enjoy comics even the slightest amount should look into some of these series. Animal Man, Sandman, Fables, Preacher, Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan, Doom Patrol... This is a publisher that really goes the extra mile for interesting and innovative new styles. And then there's The Invisibles. I picked up the omnibus a few weeks ago, and it is a truly unique beast. Benny Disco recently discussed what the 'punk rock' of the gaming world is, and I think I can safely say this series is one of the more punk comic books out there, if not the most (sorry Punk Rock Jesus, I haven't read you yet!)

This book is an insane combination of psychedelia, supernatural, super-spy and action, and essentially did The Matrix before the Matrix did. It discusses an anarchical group operating outside of society's awareness called the Invisibles, who are fighting to stop the world from being controlled behind the scenes by huge corporate organisations. It has amazing character development, and some really cool visuals reminiscent of the better side of 90s graphic novel art. Admittedly, it can be quite hard to follow at times, typical of infamous Grant Morrison's writings, but it really rewards you for over-analysis. 

It's really great fun to watch the arguably centre character Dane McGowan/Jack Frost develop into a more mature and powerful character from the rebellious, distasteful youth he first appears to be. And it's absolutely incredible exploring the huge mythology behind this story, from Lord Fanny's (yes, that is her name) delightfully crazy origin story, to the sheer appearance of gods like The King-Of-All-Tears. If you have a taste for delightfully crazy and incredible stories, I would definitely advise this as a read. If you have a reasonable amount of money to spare, I'd also advise investing in the huge, wrist-breaking omnibus. Check out it's lovely thickness~!

Aaaaaaaand that's about all I have to talk about today. But I'll try to contribute more to C-Blogs! For science!
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And I can't sleep, and I have to be up at 6:30 for a rehearsal for some gig I didn't even want to play. The songs in the setlist are awful too. So naturally, I'm gonna post a blog. About stuff I've been doing. Cause that's what blogs are for!

About 20 minutes ago, I got back from driving to a friend's house to give him money I owed him. He also gave me two PS2 games; Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy.

I've been planning to write a small journal type blog detailing my recent foray into the MMO DC universe online. Not that I like DC ('cept for Batman), but I can dig super hero MMOs. Guess I'll work more on that.

I just ate some fine toast as well. Wholemeal, and baked fresh this morning from the asian bakery near my apartment. Gotta give those guys credit, they work wonders with dough and water etc etc

I also killed this one cockroach in my kitchen in the process. Motherfuckin' insects, yo.

I also totally destroyed a record player I ordered online the other day. The fact that voltage supplied here compared to America slipped my mind and I plugged it in and pshew. Had to wrap it up and send it back for another due to 'faulty product'. Amazon better damn pay my shipping.

I'm also waiting on my copy of The Silmarillion to arrive. Watching The Hobbit re-sparked my lust for Middle Earth lore, so I bought it for like $5 online. But it was sold out, so I have to wait nearly another 2 weeks. Damn.

I guess that's all

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Hi there, my name is RadChiefDude, and I'm an OCD game completionist. If that's a thing.

I mean, on the surface, this isn't necessarily a bad thing right?


So, we're all struggling to get rid of those hefty backlogs we developed over Christmas/Steam Holiday sale, right? I know I am. I purchased around 15 games, including BIT.TRIP.RUNNER for just over $50, I think (bargain!) and got a Wii U with New Super Mario Bros and Nintendo Land. So here I am, spending my holidays playing these games. And whilst playing BTR, I realised something as I attempted a level for the 100th time. Why am I going to such an effort to get every coin and every upgrade in every ridiculous level? Why am I withering away my precious holiday time away on trying to 100% complete all these games I bought?

On reflection, I realised I have been doing this with nearly all of the games I've bought over the past year. I bought that cheap Borderlands 2 in the sale. Clocked around 10 hours into it, and spent the majority of that time completing every fucking side quest I came across. Normally, I would be okay with this, if it was the only game I was playing at the time. But these days, balancing my social life, my gaming life, and my work life is a tremendous effort. And it doesn't help that I have all these games I want to complete, with the fear of increasing my already dangerous backlog.

This is also reflective of my weird relationship with RPGs. Every now and then, I feel a little adventurous. I feel like playing a good J/RPG. Except when I play it, it's comparable to, I dunno, a wife-beating relationship? The game knows my weaknesses. It beats me, with it's massive playtime requirements, and even bigger selection of optional quests to get me distracted. Most of the time, I get so frustrated that I give up and leave. Maybe I'll spend some time with my other, more sympathetic partners, consisting of platformers and nice, linear, mainstream Nintendo games. But the devious RPG lies in wait, because it knows I'll come crawling back for more.

The current offender these days is Xenoblade Chronicles. With it's incredible internet acclaim, how could I not play it? But I've been finding myself on and off the game for ages now, only now am I starting to find myself in a decent rhythm of playing it before I go to bed every day. Except this relates back to the main problem - I've spent so little time on the everything but the main quest, and at the rate I'm playing, It's going to take aaaaages to finish.

I guess the point of all this is to try and establish some sort of belated New Year's Resolution - to stop spending so much time on my first run through of games. Flog through the main quest first, and then If I liked it, have another, more complete run through. Yeah. Nice.

Well, here's to a 12 day late Happy New Year to you guys.

Hey, Destructoid!

So I'm sure none of you know me, maybe a couple of you know me as 'that guy that comments sometimes lol', or 'that guy that posted some blogs that were ok i guess'. I never really introduced myself to the community, and after reading so much more community blogs than I used to, I've decided to give you guys a formal introduction. I feel I owe it to you after stalking the hell out of some of youse guyses blogs.

I'm Rowan, or Radchiefdude, or Radchief to some extent. I guess I just really like the first letter of my name or something. I like video games and arty things too, and I like to intertwine these interests a lot. I'm a huge fan of the indie gaming community, and play a lot of their genuine, 'tough-as-nails' products. I really enjoy the fact that, whilst playing said indie games, the developer has put all their creativity and effort into it, not like some fab AAA company releasing half baked mediocre crowd pleasers. Of course, I do enjoy a good popular game every now and then, I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan, like the rest of my family, probably because we grew up with all their products. I like to think of myself as a hardcore Zelda fan, but really, with all these people out there doing speedruns and long plays and such, I find it hard to determine what is really hardcore anymore.

I wet my man-pants when I saw this little tease here

I really like good music also. I tend to think of myself as accepting and appreciative of all genres of music, except some of this trashy R&B and terrible rap that pops up all the time. I guess, to put it short, I'm one of those people who worships Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, and in contrast, I also love the stylings of the Madvillain's self titled album. In relation to what we talk about on this website, I really dig game music. I find a lot of Overclocked remixes or whatever they're called ending up in my iTunes library, I especially loved the Zelda 25th anniversary remix album they came up with last year. Thunderstruck was amazing. Going back to my other tastes, I'm also really supportive of Australia's independent music scene, considering I too am from that country. Here's an example of what we can produce down here.

In addition to being a gamer, I'm also an impulsive buyer. With a steam account. And the last 2 weeks were ridiculous, as I'm sure most of you can relate. I mean, Darksiders collection for like, $13? How could I not? I guess I'm also a Marvel fanboy, I read lots of comics. I tend to find myself engrossed in some kind of X-Men or other mutant related title, I'm also really enjoying the current All New X-Men series. I work as a Barista too, and the reason why this is related is because recently i've been experimenting with my 'latte art', and just yesterday produced this, which is hopefully the herald of many more to come.

it's mario, in case no one else but myself can interpret my own art

I guess I plan to contribute to the community, I dunno, creative things? I'll post way more video game/pop culture character cappucinos (I'm currently working on a Finn and Jake for when a pair of my friends visit me at work), and I record music a lot, so I'll probably end up making something video game related for you all to listen to in the future some time. I might also make one of those interesting, controversial and original video game related essays that you guys soak up. Admittedly, I love them too, I really respect all the writing talent this community houses! Either this, or I'll end up remaining Dtoid's resident lurker. Nonetheless, thanks for reading my belated introduction!