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Racoon city survivor's blog

12:18 PM on 04.15.2013

Why I hate 'gamer girls'

Ok before you all jump down my throat for being sexist, I AM A GIRL!
Now that we have cleared that up i can continue.

As a girl who plays games ( i hate the term girl gamer, what does your sex have to do with how good or bad you are are at a game?) i get pretty pissed off at those stupid ideas people seem to have about us, (and im not getting on at just blokes woman are worse lol) You probably know them, that we are either total nutjobs, sitting in sweats, greasy hair, swearing and screaming down a headset or my personal favourite the 'i'm a dirty little girl' gamers, I especially LOVE the facebook pictures where the girls are sitting half naked holding an xbox pad while playing a game on the playstation!
I mean come on really? I know its seems to be a fantasy for alot of blokes but 9 times out of 10 it really isn't. If you find someone like that good for you (just give them the correct pad please ;D )
Then you get the Fake girl gamers who pretend to like games so they can get the hunky guy who love fifa! For gods sake if you have nothing in common run away! find someone who enjoys the stuff you like, its the same with lads to, I have my share of 'oh i love my playstaion' and he doesnt even know how to turn it on!
Personally I think the majority of ladies who play are just normal every day people who like to play games to relax after a hard day. I am one of them, after work and after my princess is in bed I like nothing better then to slap on my headset and hunt zombies! and guess what dont do it in my underwear (sorry boys)
I have been a gamer for many years, I got hooked on the amstrad and never looked back. I just hate this image non gamers and some perv gamers have. EQUAL TREATMENT PEOPLE! because when im kicking your ass or your kicking mine i care not for your sex, just you skill.
Oh and as I always get one, yeah i am alittle jealous of the half naked girls as I only have an xbox, oh andi use a bra to cover my breasts much more comfy xxxx   read

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