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2:03 PM on 12.06.2007

Street Fighter 4, It's 3d! Kind of...

And the internets breaths a sigh of relief.

Well there you have it, 1up has a news story up with new information regarding teh Street Fighters. Apparently it's being rendered in 3d but all the action takes place on a 2d plane, so in reality it is still a 2d fighter. Other than that though, the screenshot doesn't look all that impressive to me for a next gen game, but of course I'll have to see the game in action to really judge it. While I can anticipate Dtoiders to all be in favor of Capcom's decision, do you think they should have kept it as a 2d game, or is bringing it into 3d correct step forward Capcom should be making?   read

9:16 PM on 10.26.2007

I Has A Rumor(Halo Related)


Well slap my ass and call me Elton John, this is some of the strangest news I've heard today. If you're too lazy to click the link basically there's a rumor going around that there is going to be some sort of Halo MMOFPS. The poster goes on to speculate that this has some connection to Peter Jackson's halo project but all the details I've ever heard about Jackson's project indicates thats its going to be a very casual pseudo-game experience, so that seems implausible. Still the idea itself seems like it could be true, what does Microsoft not have on its console? An MMO. What do MMO's make? Tons of greenbacks. Given the semi-autistic, fps-loving, trash talking, asshats that the 360 seems to attract, myself among them, a Halo MMOFPS seems like it could be the perfect in for Microsoft to the MMO market. Any thoughts?   read

12:00 PM on 09.14.2007

Halo 3 Hoedown

An awesome song produced by the fine folks at Ah if only it were all true, enjoy!   read

4:35 PM on 08.16.2007

New Soulcalibur IV Screens, Ivy Conspicuously Absent

Namco has recently released a new batch of screenshots of Soulcalibur IV including some concept art which I have graciously uploaded below, all in all nothing too special but that said, this game is looking as gorgeous as ever and it's nice to see Voldo, Cassandra, and Sophitia in their next gen forms, enjoy!   read

9:34 PM on 07.10.2007

Gamespot is Timing Out

Edit: There was a rant here, but Gamespot is back up, so here's a lolcat.   read

12:00 AM on 06.21.2007

Call of Duty 4: In-game Lighting/Graphics Interview

Yet another video from the people at Gametrailers. This time it's an interview with Richard Kriegler, the art director of the COD series, about graphics and lighting in the game. Go check it out:


Normal:HERE.   read

2:49 PM on 06.20.2007

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Gameplay Video

This was just posted on gametrailers hit the link up right HERE.

The graphics in this game are completely mind-blowing, and the framerate is remarkably smooth for a pre-alpha build being played on the 360. Just go and watch it for yourself.   read

10:58 PM on 06.06.2007

New MGS4 Trailer

Edit: Embed apparently isn't, use the link at the bottom of the page.
Clocking in at 13 minutes of pure solid snake goodness, the trailer seems to be 'directors cut' of the original one shown at E3. More Solid Snake, more camouflage action, more jokes...and more Raiden? This trailer is simply amazing so head
to check it our for yourself.   read

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