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Name's Paul. New Jersey is my home, and autumn air is what I prefer to breathe.

I've been playing videogames ever since I unwrapped my very first console one Christmas, a Super Nintento Entertainment System, some many, many years ago. Since then, I've fallen in love with RPGs and JRPGs, platformers that feed my OCD, and watching other people play first-person shooters (I get dizzy if I try to play them myself). I like gaming, but I definitely don't love it as much as I used to. For that, let's blame the economy and/or dayjobs. Still, I do keep up on the new games and hope to eventually get a current-gen system (I'm thinking Xbox 360, mainly for Fable II and Oblivion).

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Another weekend home visiting my folks is allowing me to continue with this little series of posts which I first started here. My mother had two new games in her collection: Left Brain/Right Brain 2 and Zenses Ocean. Of the two puzzlers, I found the former to be of standard DS puzzle-shtick and the latter to be...oddly enjoyable.

So, Zenses Ocean is all about relaxation. Players are presented with a number of minigames inspired by such aquatic themes like beach vegetation, rippling water, the rising and falling of the tide, sea life, and so on. The challenges presented within are not about intense gameplay, about getting the best score ever, about tapping the touchscreen with the ferocity of a six-year-old trying to capture its first Pokemon. Instead, the makers of Zenses Ocean want the player to experience a surreal, soothing session of gaming, where even if you don't get the highest score on the block, it's all going to be okay. Listen to that music, hear the gentle breaking of waves, take a deep breath: let it go.

Simplicity is the name of the game, and the names of some of the games brought on by simplicity are as follows: Hot Spot, Shell Twirl, Turtle Turn, Pearl Diver, and Wave Breaker. They are fairly easy and do come with the option to increase their difficulty, but even then it's hard to get frustrated over colored shells and glowing, eviscerated crustaceans. Some are merely a memorization test, others a match like shells.

I'm not exactly sure how much my mother spent on Zenses Ocean. I hope it wasn't more than...$20. For that, it's not too shabby, especially on a rainy morning when you can toss your feet up on the couch, crank up the volume, and feel like you're at the beach. Plus, no seagulls crapping overhead.
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