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RRP avatar 12:34 AM on 11.07.2013  (server time)
New Writer on the Block

My pen name is, R.R.P. a new writer. I am a Grand Turismo guy, don't do any other games these days, it has been a very long time since I played anything else. They got my number over at GT.
The story I created is about a kid like me in many ways, he is addicted to a racing game, but he is more of what I wish I could be, than anything else. My intention here was to create a character true gamers understand. Even their girlfriends. Not to say true gamers are not women, as one of the elite gamers in the story is a very interesting girl.
The concept centers around a speculation, which is, "Have you felt someone looking at you?" The possible reasons why we do actually "feel" the gaze of another being evolves into the best story I am capable of writing. What if machines could be controlled with our sight from the same source that creates this "feeling." What if we could talk to one another through this form of communication, essentially speaking with our eyes: true telepathy. The possibilities are far reaching, our eyes truly being the window of our souls. What can you write within the mind of another person, and how would it affect them?
As a new writer, and gamer, the gaming community is where I need things to jump off. You can make this happen. My dream is to see a game made, real Turbo Cycles built, and on down the line a movie. All those things start here!
Gratitude is a gift, it is part of who I am. It belongs to any one willing to earn it, and those who need it in order to grow. For those I help truly help me in a far great way then anything I can do for them.
Sincerely, R.R.P.

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