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Age : 19
Occupation : Slacker Student / Music fan of fail / Person
Job : Sitting on Bottom
Location : Ontario, Canada
Current Games playing : COD4, Super Metroid, DMC4, TF2

I'm a twisted person with a odd personality..yay!

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Now, I am quite aware that many of the D-Toid Readers are not very avid sports fans. Completely understandable. Why play a game of a sport you can just go outside and play, right? Most people will avoid this blog like the plague just because baseball is in the title, but i digress!

The Japanese take on baseball has always intereseted me, as there commitement is on the same level as professional players. The amount of skill within their leagues is quite comparable, if not stronger in many cases. Yet knowing those crafty Japanese, I always felt that they were holding some of their best stuff back.

After viewing this video i believe i finally have my conformation of their crafty hiding ways. Just give the video about 30 seconds, and you'll see the shinanigans they've been hiding from us. I believe this game was around the Playstation 1 era, around 1999.

Oh those wacky Japanese and their unusual playing styles. We would have had no chance against this calibur of skill. Thankfully they let us off easy.

Huzzah i say



Also, i don't care if i completely missed this and i am of course aware that the previous site was up (who wasn't), and now the empty and new American one . But i wanted to post about this, and it makes me warm and cuddly outside and in.

I know personally that i don't own either of the current gen Portable consoles, but i plan on stealing my family's DS for about a month or two come chrismas time.

Actually, I'm going to play my playstation copy with the cutscene's right now.

It is here! Praise Autobot Jebus!

Hell, even i forgot about this beast of a machine, but it seems it's finally here. And suprise, it's already out of stock! I know i would sell my left foot for a keyboard this good, but the problem is, it's worth about $1,589.99 , and i doubt my foot can even go for half that amount.

However...i do only need one hand to type

Link to Website to order and sell your soul : Autobots, Roll out!

firstly, i had no idea i had won, go me and my amazing spamming ability. Damn, I so studly. However, upon noticing my victory, and doing the complimentry victory lap around the room complete with cartwheels over winning my free patch of win, I noticed that someone had replied to the same e-mail, and CC'd it to every winner. Of course, when you reply to the e-mail, you were instructed to send your mailing information to Colette.

Unfortunatly for this kid, Colette has it, along with about 10 other people. What shall we do with it now? Naughty magazines? Old videogames that will haunt his memory? Pictures of me raping my snes? Please tell me what to do!

Also Yashoki, i knows twas a mistake, but it's still funny :P

Link to sexy proof:

Now, the news of the American economy in the dump shocked me. Since i live in the land of Canadia, where the rivers are made of beer, and the igloos are always stocked full of hockey gear, we usually don't get news of your Iraq war or yer housing cost problems. However, i do know videogames, and i do see a solution when i see one. Just listen to this ringing endorsement!

"offers investors an opportunity to participate in the growth of the video game market with comparatively less operational volatility than publishers and offers [an investment opportunity based] on the remarkable success of the Wii and DS platforms from Nintendo."

It sounds so good! But who could this remarkable savior be? Who can raise from the ashes the corrupt American economy and dollar


Supporting your local gamestop is supporting your country, so get to it and buy that used copy of Madden 2005.

I like April Fools. Actually, I like it so much, that is my third damn CBlog today --> 12
so, don't get me wrong, this day kicks ass on so many levels, especially when we have the internet to mess around with even more. So far, "Fox-toid" is kick ass with Also Lawsuit and Stfualolz, but they don't even get this many hits in 1 month sometimes, let along 12 hours.

The question is, what single, and i mean single page on the internet can spark that much traffic in 1 day.

Click me for..God dammit, don't click me actually, I can't believe this shit


Click a link on the main page that's featured, and this..amazing..video comes up. And yes, this is 1 day traffic, even if it was posted 6 days ago, the linking from the main page to this video only started today. F***ing hell, your 1 year late you cocksuckers, and people are still "LOL" over this shit, just because youtube got up on their highhorse and made it a "prank"