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9:10 AM on 03.25.2008

I am an FPS nut. I love them in all of their glorious shapes and sizes. Everything from Half Life to Super 3D Noahs Ark. From single player to multiple play I love them all.

Yet as I get older I find my self nitpicking the very games I love. Everytime I toss a new FPS into my 360 or start installing it on my PC I get that giddy feeling of excitement. Yet as soon as the game lauches I feel myself critizing this or that.

"This feels to clunky."
"The hitbox seems off."
"Why does the enemy AI feel like I'm facing off against Fatality and the friendly AI play like that 6 year old kid next door that likes to mash the melee button???"

Maybe it's just me getting older. Maybe because now I understand the cost in spending $50 to $60 dollars a title. I don't know...either way sometimes I wish I could enjoy the titles they way I did when I was younger.