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RODSMACK 10k's blog

2:15 AM on 07.26.2007

Ron "MFN" Workman

Hello to all here at the Destructoid community. Gamertag is RODSMACK 10k. I had the privilage of meeting Ron Workman at the Call of Duty 4 / Infinity Ward Comm. Day event in June. So I'm sure to this community I need not say All jokes aside Ron was one of the cooler (for lack of a better term) people I met out in this event in L.A. The event I'm sure has been covered here quite well, but for those who might be interested in hearing someone else's view, check out the for our opinion and view, or click this link: to go to straight to the article about that event. Or you could just do like me and just say F%#@ it and never click a link I might be the laziest link clicker in the world, I could miss the deal of the century just cause I don't give a S*&$ about clicking links. As I'm sure you can already tell I'm a bit of a smart a$$, probably why Ron and I got along so well. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some time again to hang out with Ron in August when we both go back to L.A. for the "First to Play" COD4 Hollywood event, watch out Ron we're staying in the Roosevelt this time...strange S#@$ has happened there. Ha! strange S&*#, heh, Destructoid and the Xbl10kclub haven't even come to town yet!

Here's a couple of other great Indys we got to hang out with while we were there:

Chris E. (avid x3ro) from

Parris L. (Vicious696) from

Thanks for the great time guys, better start training you rlivers...August is coming soon:)   read

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