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L4D cheaters never prosper

I just got done with a VS. match and would like to regale you with the outstanding way in which my teammates showed some cheaters "what the fuck was up". It started off as a normal Vs. match. Professor Pew was my teammate a...


Insider Info? maybe

So I just got done with an I.M. chat with a clan buddy of mine. I can't say if this is true or not, but I thought it would be informative to my D-toid bretheren. Keep in mind that my real first name is Tom, not Richard. It...


wish them luck.

I have three friends going in the cage tomorrow. (Saturday) They are all my brothers from another mother. I know that this should be a forum post, but I just hope that all my Dtoid brethren can understand my apprehension. ...


How about a magic trick? (NVGR)

I found this T-shirt over at slashfilm.com in the cool stuff section. It is so full on win that I had to post it. Ya'll can be hatin' for the short post, but this is for the people who might not have seen it had I not posted it. I like the fact that the Jokers face is not platered on it. It's simple, to the point. It screams, "don't fuck with me or I'll make you into a unicorn."


It's coming right for us!!! (Fey)

This is just a little shout out to all my SW Florida peeps. Good luck tomorrow. The storm doesn't look too bad, but you never really know. I live around Englewood. So that's pretty much where the bitch is gonna hit. When ...



Alright, here's the sit-rep. My boss is a hardcore Patriots fan. My secretary found this stetson cologne ad with Tom Brady in it. I found a stupid picture of my boss that I would like to photoshop his head over the woman's...


Team Fortress 2 FNF? (360)

If anyones planning on some TF2 tonight on the x-box, post your gamertag please. All the people on my list are still up teh Haloz ass. I'm DYN MINORTHREAT Thanks, RICHARD BLOCKER P.S. I know this is more for the forums but no one goes there, and I don't either.


This is how bad my job sucks

ALL ANGLES ARE 4X6X12 w/ 4X4 FLANGE SEE FILLET DETAIL WHERE ADDITIONAL ANGLE IS WELDED TO THE BACK That's the last sentence I just wrote. Thats why I'm constantly F5'ing this site all day. I'm going back to work now.


About RICHARD BLOCKERone of us since 9:01 AM on 03.27.2007

I have no profound ideas on video games. I just like playing them. check dynastyclan.org if you want to get set up in a brotherly, mature clan.

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I've been here for a while, but don't contribute much, notwithstanding succinct, hilarious comments and link failures.

I love this community and will be here for the foreseeable future.

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