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1:44 AM on 06.02.2012

The people who created Spacequest have started a Kickstarter [shortblog]

The Two Guys From Andromeda (Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe) are in the process of making a spiritual successor to Space Quest. As you can tell by the titile though, they need to get funded before that can occur.

If made it will be for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android; and it will be DRM-free. Scott and Mark are also retaining complete creative control over the development. Nothing is known about the actual game yet, but considering their track record I'd expect something pretty hilarious.

Also, the voice actors lined up for the project are awesome. So far they have Gary Owens, Rob Paulsen, Robert Clotworthy, Ellen Mclain, and John Patrick Lowrie lined up for the project. In other words, they have the voice actors for Space Ghost, Yakko from Animaniacs, Jim Raynor, GLaDOS, and some characters from Police Quest 2. Out of all of these, Gary Owens excites me the most because his work on Space Ghost Coast to Coast was fantastic.   read

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