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REMiXXX's blog

5:32 AM on 01.04.2009

I hugged a girl.

And I liked it.   read

8:11 AM on 11.17.2008

The Real Jim Sterling Uncovered (NSFWUYWAAGC)

GAY REMOVED. The burly man scared me when I went on the page. Although this really did not need a Blog post, I think people have to know. (it was in related videos on YouTube, I did not go looking for. um. that) PS: Any one want to tell me how to get that embed thing to work? Thanks John!   read

5:57 AM on 11.15.2008

Pandora Update News Desk

Pictured: Pandora orgy AKA pile of finished Pandora PCBs. Over here in Pandora land shit sucked for a bit. We were told that we are going to have to wait even longer because of a few difficulties. First thing, the lack of...   read

2:46 PM on 10.03.2008

What IS The Pandora?

Why. I'm glad you asked! The Pandora can be seen as the spiritual successer to the GP2X. What is the GP2X you ask? You really should know by now, but it's a hand held centered around homebrew and multimedia, made by the...   read

1:20 PM on 10.03.2008

I just bought the Pandora.

FREEKIN SWEET! Who else is getting in on this slab of raw power?   read

4:00 PM on 09.30.2008

I survived Podcastle 2.0

Did you? Are you getting the T-shirt? Tell me today!   read

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