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RBinator avatar 9:19 PM on 05.24.2010  (server time)
"Iím right, youíre wrong, STFU!"

This c-blog is pretty short compared to most of the others I written since there really isnít a whole lot to say.

If thereís one thing I noticed from various opinion articles on this site, from both the staff and community members, is that this c-blogís title is what most of them boil down to. Thatís not to say that makes the points made in those articles or c-blogs invalid, but I think thatís something worth pointing out. Generally this tends to happen on a wide range of increasing controversial video game topics. Itís almost like you canít defend your views of a topic without at one point or another not just simply disagreeing with the other side(s), but pretty much saying that their side is so bad that they shouldnít even say anything further about it. Personally, I find it harder to take someoneís side of an argument even if I agree with it because of the elitism that often comes with it. But you could argue that elitism comes with almost anything even when expressed in the nicest ways possible.

For those that it applies to, do you really think that telling someone you disagree with to STFU will suddenly cause them to do just that? Do you really think you can just silence the other personís opinion (no matter how stupid) and effectively win your side of the argument? You wouldnít stop your side of the argument if someone told you to STFU now would you? So I donít know if people who say STFU really expect someone to just stop whatever their saying or just letting out anger.

This is not just limited to what people find downright stupid, but even somewhat annoying. Oh who am I kidding? In video game communities these days, almost everything is serious business. This is subjective much like many other things said, but wouldnít your side of the argument look better if you appeared more levelheaded? I know you can still get tons of people to agree with you if you flat out rip the other side a new hole and there are people who enjoy seeing others getting ripped apart with the harshest words possible.

However, does it really help the angry gamer stereotype? Now I know everyone doesnít care what non-gamers think of gamers, but if you donít like that angry gamer stereotype, then does venting your anger at every random person online you think is stupid help disprove that stereotype? Canít have it both ways. I mentioned that because I feel large aspects of the gaming community are creating these stereotypes which in turn many gamers react even angrier too, further fueling the stereotypes.

Although it could be read as such, Iím not telling anyone to stop. In fact, it wouldnít be my right to do so especially since I donít have authority over anyone on this site. People will keep fighting over anything that can be fought over. I just merely want to bring this light, even if considering how popular I am around here, very few people will actually see this (especially with no pictures) and even then it doesnít mean they have to agree with me or even tell me not to STFU. This whole last paragraph could even be me attempting to come off in a way that shouts ďdonít flame me!Ē Maybe, maybe notÖ

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