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RBinator's blog

11:07 AM on 05.29.2010

The Entitlement of Publishers: Used games sales pt2

For the second half of this c-blog, Iíll go more into depth when it comes to the various arguments from people, mostly other gamers, to defend the lengths that publishers will go to try to kill off the used game market. ďA...   read

10:31 AM on 05.28.2010

The Entitlement of Publishers: Used games sales pt1

With this c-blog, Iím gonna try something different, splitting it up into two parts because of how long it is, much longer than I originally intended. It should help for people to get overwhelmed with thousands of words and...   read

9:19 PM on 05.24.2010

"Iím right, youíre wrong, STFU!"

This c-blog is pretty short compared to most of the others I written since there really isnít a whole lot to say. If thereís one thing I noticed from various opinion articles on this site, from both the staff and community m...   read

12:58 PM on 04.26.2010

E for Effort: Diversity

When I sit down and really think about it, video games rarely star a main character that isn't a white heterosexual male. Iím talking about mainstream games here, basically, any retail or downloadable game that can be found...   read

10:56 AM on 11.13.2009

Ageism among the gaming community.

So what is ageism, a word I made up? Nope, but it is a word that I rarely hear these days, but a concept that happens all the time. It basically means discrimination against someone solely based on their age. It applies to yo...   read

11:31 AM on 10.28.2009

My RPG Musings IV: Status effects

Since I last talked about elemental weaknesses, I figure that the next thing to follow would be status effects. Status effects are just as common as elemental weaknesses, if not more so. Many RPGs tend to have standard status...   read

9:21 AM on 10.23.2009

My RPG Musings III: Elemental weaknesses

This sure came a lot later than what I originally planned due to being lazy, especially when I have less to say about this than other subjects. Most RPGs have some sort of elemental weakness system and some RPGs make it a ma...   read

11:29 AM on 10.18.2009

The possible problems of the Super Guide.

So I may sound like yet another hardcore elitist here that acts like people are not allowed to play games if they donít meet a certain skill requirement, but at least hear me out before coming to that conclusion. Originally c...   read

11:32 AM on 10.16.2009

My RPG Musings II: Linearity

One of the things I noticed about most RPGs (and the majority of games in general, including Metroidvanias) is that the progress is very linear and hardly open-ended. It seems like ďopen-endedĒ and ďRPGĒ has very little overl...   read

12:18 PM on 10.13.2009

In defense of sexy video game women.

This is by far my longest c-blog yet and also a bunch of pictures to spice up the lengthy word count. So, there have been a lot of complaints from a lot of women and even quite a bit of men that many female video game char...   read

10:50 AM on 10.11.2009

My RPG Musings: The Beginning

I played a lot of games over the years and out of the many kinds of games I played, RPGs were included. I used to love these games and could play them for hours on end. However, as I got older and less OCD about gaming, I sta...   read

10:43 AM on 10.02.2009

Controllers are NOT too complex. Also Wiimote elitists.

One of the things that I been hearing about a lot, especially with the existence of the Wii, is that game controllers have became too complex. I heard this argument from non-gamers and gamers alike. Iím also aware that most m...   read

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