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12:04 AM on 05.14.2010

Quest to beat a backlog: Ain't that a lot of JRPGs!

We all have them, that pile of games we've never finished, or sometimes never even started. The bargains, the new releases that you bought when you hadn't finished the last lot, the games that just go on forever, the gifts from birthdays and Christmas. This is the story of one girl's quest to finish 'em all.

A little bit of back-story is needed, I guess. I work part-time at a videogame store, and as such have first dibs on anything that might catch my fancy. I will play any genre, although there are three that my standards aren't as high for: shoot-em-up, racing, and the JRPG. So if any games of those genres come through and look remotely promising, I'll snatch it up.

This has lead to my biggest problem with my backlog.

JRPGs have a tendency towards being long, 50-hour plus epics. This is not conductive to reducing my pile to a managable number. I just went down my list and counted 56 of the buggers, maybe 10 of which I've finished, although not 100%'d. Only about 7 or 8 are probably not worth finishing at all.

That's a hell of a lot of gaming to be doing, never mind in just a lone genre.

The real question is where do I start? I put it to you guys, pick an RPG for me (I did narrow it down some):

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Dark Chronicle, Final Fantasy XII, Jade Cocoon 2, Persona 3 FES, Shadow Hearts, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, or Suikoden IV.   read

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