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RAB avatar 3:45 PM on 07.14.2009  (server time)
The days leading up to EVO and an Amazing documentary on the StreetFighter 4 scene entitled "I GOT NEXT"

I leave Los Angeles, bound for Las Vegas in 2 days. This will be my first EVO and holy shit it just so happens to be the biggest fucking EVO to date. Street Fighter 4 has 1040 entrants. One-thousand forty people who all want to kick my ass. Obviously this is gonna be the biggest tournament I've ever been to, and potentially the biggest fighting game tournament in the history of fightan games. Here's the rundown..

SF4 = 1040 people. 24 pools. 17 semi finalists (gamestop qualifiers + daigo)
HD Remix = 300+ people. 12 pools. ? semi finalists (NKI/damdai so far)
Mahvel vs Capcom 2 = 218 people. 4 pools
SF3 Third Strike = 258 (129 teams). 4 pools.
Soul Calibur 4 = 159
Guilty Gear XX = 120
EXHIBITION: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Invitational Tournament (Nintendo Wii)
EXHIBITION: SSF2T HD Remix, Regional 5on5 Team Tournament (PS3)

I'm only participating in Street Fighter 4 but I'll definitely be all over the casual setups all weekend. But anyway, FUCK. I'm really excited. This shit is gonna be such a motherfucking blast. I know I'm not alone when I say that fighting games are WAY MORE FUN IN PERSON than online. Playing online isn't worth the time you waste doing it. To me it's bad for the competitive spirit because neither player is playing for anything important, and obviously because nobody is watching, they just don't try as hard...

Photography by Kara Leung, who was nominated for eSports Photo of the Year

Nothing beats the energy and the excitement of a good Street Fighter tournament. Nothing beats that feeling that you get from beating somebody else at something you're both passionate about. Which brings me to the other topic of this post, a fucking incredible new documentary called I GOT NEXT based on the Street Fighter scene.

Writer, director, producer, PR guy, etc. Ian Cofino originally penned it out as a short trailer for a school project, but it eventually snowballed into what is now a really really well done, full length documentary. You can catch the trailer right here and I'll post a link to the whole thing just under it.

But no Street Fighter documentary would be complete without the culmination of all the hard work that everybody has put into the game, EVO itself. Cofino plans to shoot more footage at Evo to add to his project, but so far even without the extra footage this thing is coming out fuckin great.
Check out the "full" documentary here. But seriously tho watch the trailer. It's sick. :D
Give it a couple seconds to load. It's gonna say some shit about michael bay or something.. yeah just give it a minute.

btw.. Am I gonna see any of you fuckers at EVO??

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