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RAB avatar 9:47 PM on 02.14.2011  (server time)
Podsumaki Ep10: MvC3 with DarkSydeGeoff & Royal Flush

Sup fellas.
Podsumaki and the musings of yours truly have found a new home on
I'll always love Dtoid, but frontpage access kinda trumps community blogs ;)
I might still mirror some posts on here, but I'd kinda feel like a dick. We'll see.

This week our guests are the beloved Geoff the Hero and a good friend of mine, Royal Flush (5th place Tatsunoko vs Capcom @ EVO2k10). We discuss Marvel 3 and how we feel about it so far, current controversy regarding damage output, character analysis for a couple that caught our eye and a bit of TvC knowledge thrown in. Hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us hatemail, questions, etcetera for us to read on the next show!

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