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RAB avatar 9:39 PM on 11.17.2009  (server time)
"SSF4 roster was decided a long time ago" Also a video walkthough of SSF4 so far

According to, Capcom's Christian Svensson has stated that the final roster for SSF4 has long been decided.

"Is there any chance of a character poll for Super Street Fighter 4?

Sven: To set expectations the game is rather far along and one of the FIRST things we did was sort out what the roster would be. While we're happy to accept additional feedback for future titles (if they should exist at some point in the future), the ship has pretty much sailed for Super Street Fighter 4."

This goes in hand with the recent statements made by Seth Killian that Capcom will not be having a Poll to decide on characters to be added, like they did for Vanilla SF4. Seth has also said that we should be hearing an announcement on more new characters before Christmas.
Check out the whole article here.

From that, it looks to me as though the original rumored characters may actually be true.
•From Street Fighter 2: Dee Jay and T. Hawk.
•From Street Fighter 3: Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto.
•From Street Fighter Alpha: Adon, Cody and Guy.
•Plus two completely new characters. (Juri and Hakan)

Looks like no Birdie :(

Also, check out this video walkthough with Seth Killian, posted on today. Alot of Deejays moves seem SUPER safe, particularly his dreadkicks and even a blocked ultra. Apparently his MAX OUT comes out even faster than Guiles Sonic Boom. He looks like he's gonna be really really beastly. He's pretty strong and can easily combo his ultra if he lands a jab on you.
c.lpx2>> ex dreadkicks> ultra.


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