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8:51 PM on 11.29.2009

Xbox 360 Gingerbread Bundle

Earlier this evening I was down at my neighborhood park for the tree lighting ceremony. Took the kids down there to see Santa, have some hot cocoa and cookies. It was a nice day and a good turnout. While listening to some carols I noticed that the Catasauqua High School Science Club or something like that was holding a gingerbread house contest. The entries were all cutesy and traditional from log cabins to pink cupcake castles. The last entry was a gingerbread xbox and lcd screen playing some game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Of course me and my boys all had to vote for it in the sea of traditional unedible gingerbread and sugar saturated candies.


6:09 AM on 11.19.2009

Bayonetta demo killed my Xbox console

Bayonetta demo killed my Xbox console

by Qwikstreet on Nov.18, 2009, under Xbox 360

So, I won myself an early beta code from the great people over at Unscripted 360. Awesome. I have myself a nice night to myself for gaming and decide to start off the night downloading the demo and checking it ok. So, I go and enter the code and load it up into my download queue. It starts to download. While Im waiting I want to go and check out my Facebook status. So, I go an click on the link and before it can load the Facebook splash page it locks up the whole console. What the fuck! So I power it off and then back on. No luck. Pull the hard rive, power source, plug back in, power on. Nothing. It loads and within the first ten seconds, it locks up on the dashboard.

Thanks a lot Bayonetta and Sega, you fucked my box right before the holidays. God damn it!!!

Attached is a video of me trying to power it back on.

**FYI This is an Arcade 360 with Jasper chip from Holiday 2008 shipments.

Attaching video from my Blackberry showing what happens.

[embed]155543:24993[/embed]   read

8:47 PM on 11.01.2008

360 Bound

Its time to make the plunge into another next-gen console. Right now I have a Wii and about 15 games that I love playing by myself or with my kids. We don't play my PS2 as much except to try and finish up GTA:SA and KH2. I would like to finish DGVIII but I have a long way to go. Anyway, I've been pining over a 360 for quite some time. Watching my friends tool around their dashboard, the achievements, online ranking, games, NXE with Netflix. It is time to be a wii-60 house. I have been scrapping together a few bucks here and there and just earned a $300 gift card at work. So, its time to put a big XMAS gift under the tree for me. Oh, yea and for the other 3 people that live here.

I already bought a few games off of Craigslist and used game sales. Plus I have a few trades in the works.

Now its time to find a good bundle out there like the Sam's Club Pro 360 with Guitar Hero 3. I'm sure others will follow with some deals. Time to watch CAG for some more good deals.   read

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