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QuickTimeEvent avatar 2:03 PM on 04.27.2010  (server time)
One of the best dollars I've ever spent: Mega Monster Mania

So, I like to keep track of what's coming out on Xbox Live in terms of the indie games market. Anyone with a 360 can attest that, as cool as the idea of community games available on the marketplace is, unfortunately a lot of the games just aren't very good. At all.
There's always some great diamonds in the rough, though, but finding them often requires some digging.
Anyway, the other day I stumbled on Mega Monster Mania, and I'm here to basically recommend it to anyone yet to hear of it.

Once you play the game you will realize that, in this screenshot, there is trouble brewing.

The game is a great, fast playing take on the dungeon crawler genre. Basically you run through randomly generated dungeon levels swiping your sword at all manners of beasties (or shooting your bow) picking up all kinds of loot and, when you get to the exit of that level, you're able to browse through what you found and see if there's anything cool you want to equip to make your self more powerful. Pretty straightforward. And interestingly addictive. There's different weapons that have different effects, speeds, sizes and such, but you kind of have to play to know all the ins and outs. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.

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