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Quantum Zombie avatar 10:10 PM on 05.21.2009  (server time)
inFAMOUS Soundtrack Has Gone Live

The soundtrack for inFAMOUS (since that's how we're supposed to spell it now) has been made available on iTunes for the usual price of $9.99. The soundtrack includes 20 tracks from Amon Tobin, Jim Dooley, JD Mayer, Mel Wesson, and Working for a Nuclear Free City, as well as a useless little digital booklet. I have already bought it because I have a creepy man-crush on Amon Tobin, but I was surprised to find out that other artists are represented as well. In particular, I was very surprised to find that Jim Dooley contributed to the score, considering that he is most famous for composing the insert music for Pushing Daisies.

Both Dooley and Tobin's work is outstanding, and the other artists are not to be ignored as well. JD Mayer's three tracks are terrific as well, and while Mel Wesson is only present through collaborations with Dooley, his work is great too. The only oddballs are one of Dooley's tracks, "Pleasant Empire", and what appears to be the main theme for inFAMOUS, titled "Silent Melody". "Pleasant Empire" is strange because it's far more upbeat than any of the other songs on the album, with a lighthearted collection of strings, chimes and piano melodies. I'm sure it'll fit in when we hear it in the game, but it definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. On the other hand, "Silent Melody" by Working for a Nuclear Free City stands out as the only track with vocals. This isn't to say it's a bad song - it's actually an extremely well-written piece - but it does feel a little bit off in the sense that every other song is ambient, and Melody sort of bleeds vocals.

All in all, it's a great score for a game, and I'd definitely recommend buying it right now. What are you waiting for? Holy shit! What are your thoughts, Destructoid?

[P.S. That useless digital booklet I talked about had some pretty decent promotional art in it. It is included below.]

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