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Qalamari avatar 4:25 PM on 07.08.2012  (server time)
Dtoid Sac and SF, a Toobin' invitation!

Greetings to you, Northern California users of Destructoid! I have a proposition for you. I've been working on this for a while now and I think the story is ready to break. The short version is, I'd like to invite everyone who's within a reasonable distance of my home base on a Destructoid themed raft trip down the lower fork of the American River. So here's the pertinent information, in old-school JOURNALISM style. I shall now don my newsman's fedora with a "Press" tag in the brim to prepare myself mentally.

(Ahem.) That's better.

WHO: Everyone who considers themselves a part of Dtoid and lives close enough to make a day trip to Sacramento.

WHAT: We'll be doing a raft trip down the Lower American River. I won't know exactly how much per person this will cost until we have a final headcount, because prices are calculated per raft, not per person. Figure on spending somewhere around $25-$30 per person, though it's my hope that with coupons and a large group discount, we can get it lower than that. Afterwards, we'll be doing dinner (probably something grilled), games and stuff like that there at my house. If you have your own raft/kayak/heavy innertube, go ahead and bring it, but just let me know ahead of time so I don't include you in the headcount for rental pricing.

WHERE: River Rat Raft Rentals, which apart from having a wonderfully alliterative name, also has a pullout farther down the river than the competition, meaning we get to stay on the water longer. That link has info on all the details, so I won't repeat them here.

WHEN: August 11/12. I'm trying to avoid any other prior engagements those folks in the industry might have... I'm aware that Gamescom is the following week, and PAX is not long after, but unfortunately this is the only time I could be certain to be available. We'll meet up at River Rat at 10:30AM and float down the river together, and should be done by about 3PM. There's a shuttle back to the launch site and we'll be heading back to my house from there. I'd prefer not to put my home address out on the internet, so I'll be letting everyone know in person when we meet up the first time.

Anyway, those coming from farther away (Bay area, most likely) are welcome to stay overnight either at our house or if we run out of room, with Spencer Hayes and his family. Bed space at our house is rather limited, but there's plenty of couches and room for sleeping bags. We do have 2 cats, and they're shedding more hair right now than should be physically possible, so if you're allergic you should keep that in mind. Seriously. Big ol' tumbleweeds every morning, no matter how much we vacuum. If we let them pile up they'd soon be bigger than the cats that made them and THAT JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Also, Spencer has cute lil' dachshund dogs, so, y'know, pick your allergen.

WHY: Ah, now that is the question, isn't it? Well, for those who aren't aware, Mr. Corduroy Turtle and his lovely companion COM 01 have recently made a significant life change and moved from middle America to the Golden State. This is sort of a "welcome to the neighborhood" for a couple of people I like a lot and am glad to have in closer proximity. But really, it's just a good excuse to have everyone over, eat and play games together. And the Bay area folks have always been exceptionally nice to me, so I figure it's time to return the favor.

HOW: As I mentioned, prices are variable based on how many people we actually have coming. That said, there are a few constants. Shuttle service back to where we parked will cost $4.50 per head. I'd recommend that everyone bring your own bag lunch, sunscreen, swim clothes, change of clothes, towel, any games you'd like to play/share, and bring a sleeping bag just in case. It might also be a good idea to bring a folding camping chair for the after party. We won't be serving alcohol at the party, but if you'd like to bring some for the raft trip or after, you're welcome to. Coolers with snacks and drinks are probably a good idea too, but remember no glass bottles are allowed in the rafts. Also, bring water guns. Lots of `em.

If you need to get in contact with me, I check Twitter fairly frequently. I'm @Qalamari there, and you can also reach me at Qalamari {at} gmail {dot} com. Hope to see a lot of you in August!


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