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Qais Fulton avatar 8:39 PM on 01.15.2008  (server time)
The Seattle Indoctrinarium

The funny thing about Seattle is the level of intolerant bigots we have here in spite of our reputation for being an open minded, progressive city. On a regular basis there are a group of folks that stand on the street corners of our downtown core waving huge signs about God, Jesus, and the hatred of the aforementioned toward gay people. I'm not really sure why they do it, but they do, and often times these folks lead to a whole mess of hilarity.

Walking home from work (spanging at freeway off-ramps) I managed to wander through their net of vitriol. They're ranting into a megaphone as per usual and then one of them says, "WHAT IS JESUS TO YOU?! JUST A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION?!". I'm sure he went on but I was too distracted by what had popped up in my head because of what he said.

Psychonauts. Yup.

All I could think of was collecting figments in Psychonauts to level up, and how hilarious it would be if all the figments were Jesus on the cross, or Jesus with a sheep or whatever, y'know...the things Jesus does.

What does it say about me, when a douche of epic proportion is issuing forth a torrent of some pretty hateful ideas and remiss in my Seattle-ite duty of getting all righteously indignant all I can think of is Psychonauts?

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