Longtime hardcore gamer who only since the advent of dual analog controls have been fighting the game industry when it comes to controls. I never had trouble with 2d,2.5d or single analog 3d-mario,god of war,little big planet,lego whatever but when i learned my f.p.s on goldeneye and turok on n64 where i moved using the 4 yellow camera buttons freelooked with the fragle analog stick things were fine but then everything flipped in halo default was the reverse of how i'd beed playing+i'm a very dominant lefty so i struggled on with southpaw.

Soon in a gameinformer i discovered a phoenix revolution gamepad which had 4 pods and 4 holes so you could swap the left and right sticks as well as the d-pad and face buttons.

This gamepad is where i created my own control scheme as i was tired of having 1-4 choices all bad and my job was to pick the one that sucked the least. Gamester's revolution wasn't perfect
as everything being removable the d-pad and face buttons were very tiny.Also the analog sticks were on a very tight spring and if you adjusted the tension at all they could,and 1 did shoot off,in the middle of halo 2.

I found adapters that would let you use a ps2 pad on an xbox 1 so i had my full southpaw until
360 which has a security chip in the pads and the system so i was back to worthless southpaw.

Not for long as i found rondicrasher in a chat room saying he could move the analog sticks and flip the triggers so the left trigger was right and vice versa...i didn't want that i would only deal with him if he flipped the face and i didn't care about the gun triggers.

He agreed and i bought him a 360 pro for modding 2 wired and 2 wireless pads.
As i said the only problem was that a,b,x and y were very cramped on the d-pad as ron only re routed the wires it still looks like your 360 pad.

I get the 360 exclusives and if a 3rd party game like baonetta is night n day better on 360
i'll get that but after discovering thrustmasters 3 in 1 dual trigger fully customizable
playstation pad most games go to ps3 now.

http://www.thrustmaster.com/product.aspx?ProductID=80&PlatformID=12 This is currently the

best option with it's giant d-pad and large sized 360 gun triggers but if you can't find it they still might make the smaller t-mini wireless pad with a smaller d-pad and no 360 gun triggers but still fully customizable.

Sadly in games like kz2 when you must use the sixaxis i had to unplug the 3-1 power on the ds3 and complete the tacked on motion then press ps and turn the ds3 back off continuing with my pad of choice the 3-1 dual trigger.

Motion is a completelly different beast as i can hold my wiimote/move wand in my left hand
while navigating with my right hand.

But really perfect dual analog on ps1 then cease any custom layout development where games like resistance 1 and 2 are still the exceptions to the rule.

With play,create and share being kicked off you'd think by now our xbl and psn profiles would have a section called Master Control Profile don't need or use it have fun with default,green thumb,southpaw etc. but create your own scheme and ALL dual analog or slave
games would be coded to use our profile which would be part of our game profile,settings or options,quite invisible and not the topic of much ire that it is currently.

Other than ranting about things that shouldn't even be an issue by now i really enjoy movies,anime,tv and most music.

Anyway that's the story so far-oh btw I also prefer sim aiming,hate when i look left and the world spins right,i call it worldview because i only use what i call player view where right
is right and left is left but feel more accurate with up as down and down as up or sim/flight sim aiming/inverted.

Personally i really want to design ALL game interfaces so poor gamepad layouts never happen again. For the right handed/default crowd all i'd need to do is design a true southpaw layout and flip it back to default but i'd never put an rpg menu as x while putting y as a major attack/summons.

only left handed people are in there right minds QUINTISON

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