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Hi, my name is Mike and my primary interests revolve around video games and music. I live in Iowa and it is terrible for anything video game related be it a NARP, contest, event, or anything of the sort. Chad is my hero and when the opportunity arises I will buy him a dolphin.

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Super Metroid and the Castlevania series are my favorite types of games. I also love Dead Rising to death more than anyone I know. I play my Xbox 360 primarily, so if you ever need anyone to play with feel free to add me.

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(no SNES I fail :( )
Gameboy Color
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Heroes of Newerth
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Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree
Dream Theater
Iron Maiden
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King Crimson
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Yesterday after hearing that my GameStop wouldn't have Nuts and Bolts in until today, I decided to go pay off the game and pick up my pre-order code. You know the rest, they gave me a code then, and today when I picked it up they also gave me another. The contest goes like this: create anything "artistic" using your best crude drawing skills, a craft, funny Photo shop, flashy Paint presentation, etc. on your thoughts about the direction of the new Banjo title. Whether that is positive or negative is up to you, just create something that makes us laugh, nostalgic, angry or whatever emotion you wish to convey.

Some notes on the Xbla version. From what I've played so far, it is still as awesome as when I first played it, and having split second loading times makes it very enjoyable. The controls work great on the 360 controller vs the C buttons. Make Chad proud and make something great for this.

The contest will run until midnight tonight (CST). If there is not enough time/not enough participants I will move it to the end of tomorrow night. Have fun!