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Pyroph avatar 10:34 AM on 06.24.2009  (server time)
My setup: Couches are Comfy

Inspired by Takeshi's awesome setup, I decided to post mine.

Living in Iowa, games help me get by as there's pretty much jack shit to do here.

Prime Gaming Area

This is where I play my 360 and PS3, and do all my blogginz. As my post says, this couch is pretty awesome.

Here's my 360/PS3/Ps2 in their habitat.

SF4 faceplate.

Next to this I have my random box of stuff that I use to transport all my wires, cables and additional crap.

Inside it it's pretty messy, and the most essential item there is easily Chad's thank you letter for the Megadrive charity.

Downstairs Setup

Downstairs I have all of my older consoles and the Wii. It's pretty messy.

Gaming Collection and Stuff

What also encouraged me to show all this was when I cleared up some space. Before, a lot of my stuff was randomly spread out, and I wanted to have all of my stuff in one area.

Here are all the handhelds.

Does anyone have a better idea for storage on DS games lol? I'd keep them in the cases, but that'd get annoying to drag out.

All my GBA/DS games.

I like to make perler, thanks for the inspiration Faith!

Assortment of random music DVDs, books, and Mega64 DVDs.

Here's my 360 collection, I like to keep everything on alphabetical order.

Boxes of my DS games.

My crappy collection of old Ps2/Xbox games.

I love Kubricks. :)

My music collection is mostly Dream Theater, Opeth and Porcupine Tree with all other random albums on the right side.

Some retro Genesis and NES games, plus the random GTA4 bat I won.

My collection is pretty small compared to other people's awesomeness here. It's amazing to see how much other people have collected. It was pretty fun to put all of this stuff together, and not too terribly difficult once you get started. As people have stated in the past, people posting these are really cool. It's great to see Dtoid's community and all of the awesome people here's setups.

My dog was following me around, so I figured I'd take a picture of her. :3

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