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8:01 PM on 07.22.2009

Castle Crashers coming to PS3!!! (shortblog)

Rejoice PS3 owners! The awesome beat 'em up that is Castle Crashers will be coming to the Ps3!

GameSpot Preview

Now everyone can experience the awesomeness. Break down the walls of fanboyism and play games and be happy. :)   read

10:34 AM on 06.24.2009

My setup: Couches are Comfy

Inspired by Takeshi's awesome setup, I decided to post mine.

Living in Iowa, games help me get by as there's pretty much jack shit to do here.

Prime Gaming Area

This is where I play my 360 and PS3, and do all my blogginz. As my post says, this couch is pretty awesome.

Here's my 360/PS3/Ps2 in their habitat.

SF4 faceplate.

Next to this I have my random box of stuff that I use to transport all my wires, cables and additional crap.

Inside it it's pretty messy, and the most essential item there is easily Chad's thank you letter for the Megadrive charity.

Downstairs Setup

Downstairs I have all of my older consoles and the Wii. It's pretty messy.

Gaming Collection and Stuff

What also encouraged me to show all this was when I cleared up some space. Before, a lot of my stuff was randomly spread out, and I wanted to have all of my stuff in one area.

Here are all the handhelds.

Does anyone have a better idea for storage on DS games lol? I'd keep them in the cases, but that'd get annoying to drag out.

All my GBA/DS games.

I like to make perler, thanks for the inspiration Faith!

Assortment of random music DVDs, books, and Mega64 DVDs.

Here's my 360 collection, I like to keep everything on alphabetical order.

Boxes of my DS games.

My crappy collection of old Ps2/Xbox games.

I love Kubricks. :)

My music collection is mostly Dream Theater, Opeth and Porcupine Tree with all other random albums on the right side.

Some retro Genesis and NES games, plus the random GTA4 bat I won.

My collection is pretty small compared to other people's awesomeness here. It's amazing to see how much other people have collected. It was pretty fun to put all of this stuff together, and not too terribly difficult once you get started. As people have stated in the past, people posting these are really cool. It's great to see Dtoid's community and all of the awesome people here's setups.

My dog was following me around, so I figured I'd take a picture of her. :3   read

9:53 AM on 03.08.2009

World of Goo - $5 on Steam Right NOW

I looked through a bunch of blogs and never saw this posted along with the UT3 deal. FUCKING BUY IT NOW.   read

9:35 AM on 02.22.2009

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Impressions

To start, I am a huge srpg fan with the Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Shining Force being some of my favorites. I have not played the original version of this remake, but I will try to look into this with a perspective comparing it to the previous two on the GBA.


Fire Emblem looks about the same that it always has, with some new upgrades to the DS platform. I'm not a fan of the new graphics in the battle scenes, as everyone looks faceless and it looks ugly. You'll now have the top screen displaying the status of the character you have highlighted, as well as hitting the left trigger to toggle the map. The stylus is now available to use, and as with the previous Intelligent Systems title, Advance Wars: Days of Ruins, it controls about the same. Tap a unit and then point to where you want to go, or simply click on the enemy and it will move you there.

There's also a new area to save during missions which will make it easier if you are obsessive like me and need to restart if anyone dies. It looks like a rune on the ground, and all you need to do is simply move a unit over it and then use the "Save" option. A nice touch to make the restarting a bit less irritating.


The story pans out as your basic save your kingdom after another invades. Marth is set with the task to rescue his empire from the Dolhr Empire, who has basically wiped out his whole family. Here lays where the problems begin with Shadow Dragon.

I feel like I have a faceless army compared to a band of people.

Only after the prologue and a few missions in (Chapter 3) I already have control of 17 units. 17 UNITS. I don't think it got that high even in the GBA ones. As of now, new characters are being introduced every godamned chapter, and some of them come into my party with little to no dialogue. I have no feeling for the characters, and that conflicts with my main part of playing Fire Emblem.

In the previous ones I would attach to the characters, if I ever died my OCD would kick in instantly and you bet your ass I would restart the chapter. During the prologue in your game, you need to sacrifice one of your members to continue. No joke. I sat there for about 30 minutes trying to conceive a way to get around it, but alas you are screwed.

I feel conflicted, because I'm not sure if people die if I should restart or not with such a large band. I haven't gotten far enough into the game to see if that will be the case, but as I've said I'd much prefer to have a party of less than 10. (At the beginning at least...)

With such a large party, it also brings the trouble of trying to manage and level each character equally. Maybe with such a large party, leveling will not be as important, but after being near the end of the first GBA and restarting because I screwed that up, I hope it is.

Marth is a bitch.
Yes, that's right. After a catastrophic event to Marth in the beginning of the game, he is bossed around by this old asshole named Malledus to just run away and sulk. There is little to no emotion after any of these incidents either. Considering how little of an event that occurred in Lost Odyssey sparked so much emotion, this would be a 2 hour long sob fest if it were in LO. Compared to Eliwood or Lyn, Marth doesn't do much, besides agree and let himself get walked all over by people telling him what to do.

Overall I'm still having a good time with it, just with the minor gripes of having such a large party. I feel that that's what separates this series from IS' other awesome series, Advance Wars. That is where you have mass amounts of units on your side, not characters.

Oh yeah... there's also a guy named Linde in the game. I guess this is what he did before he set off on his Boner Quest.   read

1:19 PM on 01.08.2009

I received a strange package today.

...What the hell is this? I didn't order anything.

So today I woke up to stumble upon this strange package sitting outside my door. A very peculiar shape indeed this package was.

Upon opening it I was presented with something that I don't know what to do with.

I present to you... a bat.

I don't ever recall being notified before this.

Microsoft, what are you encouraging me to DO?!! Maybe Fox News will put a nice spin on it.   read

12:22 AM on 11.13.2008

And the Banjo winner is...

Congrats to Heretic on his interpretation of Rare's future. The runners up would be Banjo puking on his plane (very nice pic), and the comic (didn't end strong enough for me :( ). I wish I could give everyone who participated a code, but alas I cannot. Banjo Kazooie otherwise will be out on the Arcade Nov. 26th.   read

5:18 PM on 11.12.2008

Banjo Kazooie (XBLA) Giveaway

Yesterday after hearing that my GameStop wouldn't have Nuts and Bolts in until today, I decided to go pay off the game and pick up my pre-order code. You know the rest, they gave me a code then, and today when I picked it up they also gave me another. The contest goes like this: create anything "artistic" using your best crude drawing skills, a craft, funny Photo shop, flashy Paint presentation, etc. on your thoughts about the direction of the new Banjo title. Whether that is positive or negative is up to you, just create something that makes us laugh, nostalgic, angry or whatever emotion you wish to convey.

Some notes on the Xbla version. From what I've played so far, it is still as awesome as when I first played it, and having split second loading times makes it very enjoyable. The controls work great on the 360 controller vs the C buttons. Make Chad proud and make something great for this.

The contest will run until midnight tonight (CST). If there is not enough time/not enough participants I will move it to the end of tomorrow night. Have fun!   read

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