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Pyreusa avatar 3:50 PM on 05.30.2013  (server time)

hey guys,
I've got a great doc campaign over on Kickstarter and I need your help to get it funded. Seriously only a few bucks each will do it. The film will be a love letter to the 8bit generation and all things retro gaming but specifically a focus on the NES and what made that system so fantastic. From box art and music, to memorable franchises and cheat codes we all know, I'll explore the lasting effect of the Nintendo Entertainment System as I follow one guy around for 30 days as he attempts to collect all 700+ retail licensed games. Think of it as Super Size Me meets the King of Kong!

We've also got a lot of great names on board too: Walter Day, Billy & Jay from The Game Chasers, Johnny Millennium, Todd Rogers, Rudy Ferretti and more every day. We're going to be guests at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo come October, Retropolooza in September and we aim to be at ConBravo this July as well.

Please help support this project guys. If you love games, Nintendo, the thrill of the hunt, and fancy a trip down nostalgia lane, YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM!!!

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