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What the fuck were you smoking when you thought this article up? I could follow your train of thought until you mentioned that this only applies to multi-player in which your chosen faction doesn't impact shit beyond your initial load-out and avatar's appearance. I thought I'd be beheading journalists and killing civilians similar to CoD's portrayal of an airport massacre, but no, I'm going to be playing another faceless soldier in an endless circle of kill, respawn, kill.
You're making something out of nothing in this case. This is exactly the same shit Jack Thompson and the 'football moms' pull, you don't give a lucky fuck until something affects you then everyone else has to know about it and how wrong it is. This sets gamers and the games industry back when the people involved can't even differentiate between a game and reality.

I would assume your love of Medal of Honor was present during the other games in the series where you could play as the fucking NAZIS. Did you throw you're controller down in disgust then? No, you fucking played because, "fuck it, it don't affect me" but now, with your loose ties to Afghanistan you think you can jump on your high horse and say playing as the bad guys is beneath you? Fuck you.

I mean, shit, you're even throwing around Taliban and Al-Qaeda as if they're interchangeable. Shit, man. If you're gonna' pretend like you have any sort of moral stance on this kind of thing, rather than just using it as an excuse to bring attention to yourself, at least research your shit.

It's a fucking game, mate. It's not asking you to support Al-Qaeda through playing as them. The developers came at it like this,
"Hey, we've got the US Army in Afghanistan but we need someone for them to shoot."
"Well golly, I just don't know who we could use as a disposable enemy force to throw at the player."

There's only one answer, Hamza. It ain't Nazis, it ain't Vietcong and it sure as hell ain't goats.