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PySk's blog

PySk avatar 8:54 AM on 01.14.2009
There is some Xbox Live in my PSN

I never blogged before, but this is just too funny not to share with my fellow Dtoiders: When I was looking through the list of trophies of EA's Battlefield: Bad Company, I found one trophy, that I could never ever get, never, F*CKING NEVER!!!!!! Look at this and beware of EA's sheer brilliance:

Translation of the description: "(Online) Play an entire ranked match on XBOX LIVE" (WTF!!!!!!!!!!!)
I know that translating videogames must be a hard job and trophy descriptions aren't important in any way, but come on EA. This is just stupid.

Somebody else noticed this? German version the only version with this "problem"?

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