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2:54 PM on 04.26.2009

My Street Fighter IV FightStick: An Odyssey

Sometime in January this year, I got really hyped for Street Fighter IV. So I thought: Hey, let‘s buy an arcade stick for SF IV. And so the story begins...

I have to admit, I knew SF was awesome before, but never got the chance to play it in the arcade. But I have got a good reason for not to play SF in the arcade: In Austria (where I live btw) arcades were or still are treated like casinos which means you are only allowed to get in there if you are over the age of 18(which I am now). So the only opportunities for me to play arcade games in an arcade were in Italy (when I was on vacation) where this subject was handled differently or the Italians just didn‘t care.

So back in January my brother and I thought about preordering the Madcatz Street Fighter IV FightStick Standard Edition. But in the end I didn‘t do it because it‘s Madcatz, you know. Perhaps they could screw it up (and they did).
Then in February SF IV was released and I bought the Collector‘s Edition for PS3. I unlocked all characters and played some of the challenges but it just didn‘t feel right. I came to the decision not to play SF IV again till I got an arcade stick.
The Madcatz sticks were sold out everywhere as was the Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick 3 for PS3. My brother bought a lower priced arcade stick, the Hori Fighting Stick 3, but I wanted something more awesome. I became a frequent visitor of, and, but the sticks were nowhere to find. Then I started searching on and for auctions of the above mentioned sticks, but the prices were horrendous. 170€ or 220$ for a Madcatz StandardEdition stick?? 300€ or 390$ for a Madcatz TournamentEdition stick?? WTF?? I thought I will never ever in my life pay that for a Madcatz product.
I also became a frequent visitor of the forums and read a lot about modding sticks and Sanwa parts and how easy it is to mod the Madcatz sticks. So I intended to buy a Madcatz stick + Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa JLF stick.

A few weeks without stick later: Boom! On a Saturday about 3 weeks ago on Madcatz Street Fighter IV FightStick StandardEdition for 90€!!! In stock!! I quickly made an account, put the stick into the 'shopping cart' and... no shipping to mainland Europe over a weight of blablabla! What?!?!?!?! So I tried 2 or 3 other british sites, but always the same result as on gamestation.
F*ck that, I thought.
In the end I bought a ‘slighty‘ overpriced Madcatz StandardEdition stick(125€) on from someone in Somerset.
The Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons (3 dark blue, 3 red and 2 white/black) and the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick with white ball top were imported from Leipzig, Germany from THIS SITE.

After a f*cking long week of waiting I finally got my stick and the parts. MODDING-TIME!
I used THIS GUIDE from to mod my stick. First I was a little afraid that I couldn‘t mod the stick because I hadn‘t done something like this before, but I was really easy and took me about one and a half to two hours to do it.
To come to an end, the stick is sweet, I love it. The biggest difference for me between the standard Madcatz and the Sanwa parts is the stick, the buttons feel just a little bit better.
(The standard Madcatz stick got stuck after 5 minutes of playing. Oh Madcatz...)

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8:54 AM on 01.14.2009

There is some Xbox Live in my PSN

I never blogged before, but this is just too funny not to share with my fellow Dtoiders: When I was looking through the list of trophies of EA's Battlefield: Bad Company, I found one trophy, that I could never ever get, never, F*CKING NEVER!!!!!! Look at this and beware of EA's sheer brilliance:

Translation of the description: "(Online) Play an entire ranked match on XBOX LIVE" (WTF!!!!!!!!!!!)
I know that translating videogames must be a hard job and trophy descriptions aren't important in any way, but come on EA. This is just stupid.

Somebody else noticed this? German version the only version with this "problem"?   read

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