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Unpublished Confessions From The Meat Bible

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CONFIRMED: I'm more hardcore than you.

Please answer these questions with either a yes or a no. In middle school, did the ones you hated most call your house at odd hours for video game tips while acting like you were best friends - not someone who earlier th...


I pretty much hate this website.

Naw, naw, just playin yo! For serious reals though, I thought I'd take a minute to urge all you would be bloggers to look deep into your unrefined steaming masses and try to come up with headlines that either, a. make a fuc...


Bearded tales of video game lore pt. 1

Hi. Gather round. I'm what you might refer to as an "older gamer", a "greybush" as it were, though not so mighty of pubis hue as our exalted community manager/god-king. That means I'm somewhere between 32 and dead. That mean...


Mmmmmmmmmass Effect. Yum.

Having won the internets with precision Kmart sniping, I would like to tell you all to start flagellating yourselves unmercifully for the "legitimate" release of ME. The flagellation is for my amusement, the waiting is penan...


I have Mass Effect. You do not.

8:00 am Kmart breaks street date. I buy two copies. One for me. One for GuitarAtomik. One left on the self for some lucky fool. Shit this good never happens. Three hours in. Pop up textures out the ass. Seriously retarded a.i. but Cinematically unrivaled. Check yo KMARTS!


Destructoid Theme song entry.

Though not technically my first entry, an entry that I feel can be taken seriously as a contender. Please direct your innertubes to Straight up metal What does you think in your minds? I'm pretty sure William Haley hates all life inside of me. Ciao Kittens!


Review: Mass Effect - Revelation

In short, Revelations is light on depth, or even revelations themselves, but delivers big with thrills and brutality. Sets the backdrop nicely for the game, piques interest, leaves one wanting more. As a gamer I've been fo...


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